“Tsubaki in Thawing Snow” Short Trailer | Genshin Impact

“Tsubaki in Thawing Snow” Short Trailer | Genshin Impact

No matter how splendid the blooming flowers are, there will always come a day when they must face the severe test of winter.
Even ice and snow must give way, but the evergreen trees are still standing.
When the clouds part and snow melts, that’s how one knows that spring has come.

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34 Responses

  1. Clarissa Punipun says:

    More animations like this please 🥺🥺🥺❤️

  2. RapisGames says:

    This is gorgeus. In Ayaka’s “About Vision…” dialogue she tells that her vision was granted after beating a foe in a single strike.
    Watching these while recalling Ayaka’s history is so heartwarming.

    I hope HoYoverse gives more videos like this, this is really great! ❤️

  3. GalaxyChanOCE says:

    She’s honestly so cute as a child and Ayato and Ayaka are the best siblings ever. Despite their parents passing, they still managed to stand together and stay strong <3 I honestly love them both so much

  4. Satou Kazuma says:

    Another detail here is that when she finally besting her brother ayato was the moment she got her cryo vision
    Its a symbolic representation they kept teasing in her words and past
    She says she having that same dream over and over again
    Her love and memories of her family r “frozen” in time inside her heart which fuels her will to finally beat ayato
    That exact moment u can see her steps r freezing the floor and her sword is suddenly gets applied with cryo
    Her final form of determination and perseverance to never let go off that memory of her family being together
    Which is why she got a cryo vision and its lore given in ayaka vision story in game character profile

    Genshin always have a meaning behind everything from character appearance to powers they use and even their individual hobbies and lore
    Its just mind blowing how her cryo vision represents her own internal longing of eternity(her time with family) but also the ideals of Ei the god of thunder who wish for eternity(moments to stay forever still) instead of transience
    There is a deeper meaning behind all this representations
    Amazing work hoyoverse!

    • Максим Малеев says:

      @Haha That’s what carefully. And apparently you don’t.😮‍💨

    • Cake P. says:

      @Gusha I like theorising how the reasons for each person for getting their vision because I like to assign visions for myself and my friends as a fun silly passtime. Also, it’s a nice way to jogg my literary analisys skills

    • Cake P. says:

      Furthermore, the meaning of the word “dojo” is changing, as it can now also describe an open-air, enclosed place for training. So I don’t see anything being amiss in this cinematic

    • Cake P. says:

      @Lloyd Aran it has been confirmed by Raiden that visions are not granted by the gods/Archons though… unless you mean someone higher up in Celestia managing them…
      But even then, no, the elemental powers can manifest before the vision takes shape per se, as we see in animatic, with ayaka using cryo and then (possibly after the cut) she gets a shiny mcguffin stone

  5. Aidan Lyons says:

    Hoyoverse, PLEASE don’t be scared to do this before any or at least special characters’ reruns again. This was too good to be true.

  6. Wissle says:

    Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting the feels. This is seriously beautiful

  7. YourLocal Weeb says:

    This is so heart warming, I can truly see and vision that Ayato cares so much about his sister, he taught her to not be afraid and just use whatever power she can muster through constant dueling, Ayaka should be really proud of herself for getting to where she is, I’m so glad to have both of them to be able to see the story from both sides! 🥺🙏

  8. Akantso Beaver says:

    What an amazing trailer. After my 10th rewatch, I noticed you can actually see Ayato reflected in Ayaka’s eyes at 2:00. What insane attention to detail.
    Absolutely love it. Thank you Hoyoverse!

  9. Josef Paolo says:

    1:17 I love how they added vocals in the Ayaka Dance/Chinju Forest theme, it really adds to the feels

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    This animation is so beautiful! We need more of this.

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