Tua Tagovailoa Stretchered Off After SEVERE Head Injury – Doctor Explains

Tua Tagovailoa Stretchered Off After SEVERE Head Injury – Doctor Explains

An absolutely terrible sight as Tua hit his head for the second week in a row this NFL season and was stretchered off the field.

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48 Responses

  1. R3kt3e scurblerd says:

    Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.

  2. John Alderman says:

    I had a TBI when I was just a bit younger than he is. It was the most challenging thing I have ever gone through. I went from, time of my life, to crushing depression with no loss of limb to explain it. Depression can come out of nowhere after TBI. I hope he understands that situations are situational, and the feelings that go along with those life changes can be hard to handle with style and grace. Life’s good my man. We are all wishing you well from a good and real place. Much love 🙂

    • Thomas says:

      Spot on dude. Sorry for your tbi. What’s sad is that those who have not experienced a tbi don’t know what these players are going thru. Heck, how about our vets returning with combat tbi’s and told that it’s all in their head and that they need to deal with it

    • Lady Tsunade says:

      Finally it’s here the gameplay you all wanted. https://youtu.be/sU2dwEDlwQg

    • Dominique ___ says:

      And that TBI stuff stays with you for life. I had TBI and other physical harm from an industrial accident about that age, 1990. And now I can’t do things others my age can do. It can reduce the amount of years you can be productive.

    • Jeffrey Blue says:

      Well said. I was rear ended by a drunk driver while stopped at a traffic light. Took me more than six months before I felt close to normal. But the most frustrating thing was that I soon looked just fine and I know some thought I was malingering. Best to Tua.

    • Kanosleazy says:

      Hope you doing well brother!

  3. pharcydefan says:

    I once had a bad concussion from getting elbowed in the head, and that took me about 3 months to recover… to work in the office. I hope he gets enough time to let his brain fully recover!

  4. Billsfan2012 says:

    As a Bills fan, I’m worried for Tua. I so much wanted Tua to be alright. He is an excellent example of a human and especially a role model. Prayers for Tua and his family. I thought about Tua when he was injured when the Bills and Dolphins played last Sunday. Thought it was weird that he was back on the field so quickly. Get well Tua.

  5. L.A. BOY says:

    Just the fact that they let him go back out there just 4 days after the first head injury is shocking. Sure he cleared protocol, but the logical thinking would be to not risk something like this happening again right away. Hopefully he’s okay. 🙏

  6. Ariel Richmond says:

    I can’t believe he was playing after last week…. I really hope he is ok.

  7. The Angry Cowboy says:

    It broke my heart when he came back in after his “back” last week. I feel every bit of the frustration you mentioned and yet all I can do is hope that he is okay. Way to go, Miami… Hope it was worth it.

  8. Nicole Burns says:

    This happened to my son his freshman year during a football game. His arms locked up just like this as he laid there for about 10 seconds and then tried getting up. Took him to the hospital and showed the video to the ER Dr who said that was classic concussion posturing and he had a number of tests done. He was in concussion protocol for about 4 weeks and then played one more game that season but was really hesitant and scared so he never played football again.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Never should have played football again. Jeez

    • Nicole Burns says:

      @John Swain he was in concussion for 4 weeks. He didn’t play after 4 weeks it wasn’t until towards the end of the season. However we listened to the neurologist he was seeing and that specialist gave us the all clear so we listen to actual doctors rather than random people on the internet. Thanks for trying though.

    • John Swain says:

      Yikes! I hope you won’t let anyone else you care about go back into a football game a month after suffering a serious concussion.

    • Nicole Burns says:

      @Rogelio Paredes my son is tall and thin and not built like an athlete but he really wanted to play. He only played one more time after that but was anxious so decided not to again

    • Nicole Burns says:

      @Rogelio Paredes he was out of school for about a week. Lights bothered him and his short term memory was affected. There is a yest they do where they would tell you random words and you had to repeat it and then they would add words and have you repeat it. He struggled with that for a week. He had MRIs and CT scans which didn’t show any swelling or bleeding which was awesome but he would get headaches for months after. He is ok now. Everything back to normal but it did take a while. He was playing safety and went to tackle a fullback who was about a foot taller and outweighed him a good 100 pounds and he was pushed back and hit the back of his head on the ground. He also had whiplash which could have been why the headaches. The neck injury lasted longer than the concussion side effects.

  9. ᔆᵒᵉ says:

    I was watching live and the fact that he got cleared to leave so fast and will be traveling back with the team.. that’s surprising the crap out of me. It’s like this dude can get hit with a truck, wake up and start walking again like he’s super man. I truly hope he’ll be okay and nothing is going on. Being a mad supporter of Tua and a Dolphin’s fan.. this breaks my heart seeing our QB continuously getting hurt like this..

    • George says:

      @ᔆᵒᵉ what this boiling down to, and Miami is gonna get hammered for this now, is tua apparently cheated the protocol last week, dolphins went along with it as did the NFL. Now because of last night, the door is wide open and many more people are asking questions. I don’t think the NFL really cares about player safety at all, cause someone exciting will come along to make them money . I don’t like the dolphins as a team, but I never, ever ever ever want to see someone’s career end due to negligence from the team and NFL.

    • John Swain says:

      Muhammad Ali was like that – the guy took tremendous blows to the head, and still won the fights. In one fight, he got saved by the bell, and between rounds he tried to get up to start fighting again way before the bell rang.
      In the end, Ali’s brain was turned to mush. I’m disgusted by how the Dolphins handled this, and they suddenly went from a team I like to a team I dislike.

    • ᔆᵒᵉ says:

      @George i agree with you completely and thank you for your service. I apologize i didn’t mean to make it sound like he’s “okay”. It was more of a “holy shit they let him out?” Kinda thing. I understand wanting to be strong but this isn’t it. He needs to be properly evaluated and not just discharged because someone is saying he’s “ok”. They have to know someone’s bsing or someone’s just not doing their job.

    • George says:

      He isnt okay though. I have 2 TBIs due to2 explosions in IRaq and I suffer from a permanent headache and frequently have migraines. Miami is playing with this guys life

    • BET that oNe Gaming says:

      Polynesians are built different I swear.

      My stepfather is Polynesian and I’ve seen him recover from injuries in a fraction of the time others have.. it’s crazy

  10. Gregg Chaffin says:

    This is a perfect example of “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”. It humbled you real quick. Of course these grown men understand the risks of the game, but that doesn’t lessen how scary it is when it happens.

    • Don't@Me says:

      How is it an example? When its a job to play millions. Watch videos of former players talking about their experience playing. Besides the money they don’t wish it. Not even for their kids to play. Some even retire early like Megatron cuz of injury and playing hurt always

    • Conor Fry says:

      That also doesn’t mean they don’t need to protected from them self

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