Tucker Carlson Stole Stephen Colbert’s Panda Bit

Tucker Carlson Stole Stephen Colbert’s Panda Bit

On the same night the President of the United States’ personal attorney was raided by the FBI, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a segment on pandas. Even worse, it’s been done.

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95 Responses

  1. Kim Jong Fun says:

    That’s some top notch Fox News “journalism” right there.

    • JJoe says:

      Tucker is a commentator, dummy. He also spent 32 seconds on the story. That’s 3:45 mins less than Colbert did.

      What’s that thing the kids are saying these days? Oh yeah, “take the L”.

      Enjoy it.

    • JJoe says:

      RM W. Explain. Also, would you actually like to compare the lies of Fox to CNN or MSNBC during the election cycle? I’d be happy to play that game.

    • criss tofer says:

      did he talk about the president and the raid? if Colbert is a piece of shit, you are a blind ignorant piece of shit. food for thought.

    • criss tofer says:

      lol, that was awesome. Unfortunately fox news viewers are that dumb, that they are needed to be told don’t fuck with panda.

    • Bad Hombre says:

      Kim Jong Fun..Kim Jong is that you??. ..show Fox News how a real state run tv is made, like in your home country, …amateurs

  2. Kenyan Gal says:

    Omg Fox is pathetic


      More incoherent nonsense but no real criticism of the news network. The truth of the matter is you have no valid criticism because you just regurgitate what late show hosts in your liberal bubble say about it. I challenge you to watch 30 minutes of Tucker Carlson Tonight and then give me your honest opinion but this is unlikely to happen given the fact that liberals are so averse to anyone with viewpoints they don’t agree with.

    • Herv3 says:

      Tucker does a 30 second clip on a panda story at the end of his broadcast. Colbert spends over 4 minutes on it. Colbert is the pathetic one.

    • Bad Hombre says:

      So Tucker Vs Colbert and Hannity VS Kimmel, good job Fox News

  3. Ry Sun says:

    Fox News – change the conversation

    • Gerard says:

      Here’s the actual full episode of Tucker’s you should probably watch. It was a tiny, comedic relief segment at the end of another stellar broadcast of real news. Go ahead though and listen to hateful, butt hurt comedians fill up your echo chambers with Russian conspiracy theories, porn star allegation fantasies and feel like an intellectual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p9rEuofhoo

    • 72marshflower15 says:

      Ry Sun Fox News “Where Bad News I$ Good News”

    • CB BC says:

      Fox News – Lean Away.

    • Diver, Sky says:

      +Gerard What, the panda sex clip isn’t the entire Carlson show? I’m shocked!
      Your objection to this comedy bit is that Carlson actually babbled for 40 minutes without mentioning the raid 🙂

    • Ben Melenius says:

      no it was ending on a lighter note…all new stations do that. Maybe next time try watching the whole show and don’t just make fun of the last 30 seconds of his 40 min show

  4. STOVE says:

    Never forget when Jon Stewart made Tucker Carlson look like the douchey punchable-faced prick that he is.

  5. Steve H says:

    Fox is clearly panda-ing to Trump. Boom.

    • David DeLaney says:

      Aaaaand I see ALEXANDER is here to show us the grizzly reality of Trumpworld inhabitants.

      –Dave, could they become sex-crazed and MARRY YOUR DAUGHTER? There’s no law against it!!1!


      You are an inhabitant of Trumpworld as well. I know you liberals like to deny it but he did win the election and he is your president too. And if leftist “ideologies” continue to spiral out of control as they have been for so long you will be living in his world for another six years.

    • Ben Melenius says:

      actually he isn’t…if you watch the whole show all 40 mins of it, then you might be able to see he is trying to make sure we don’t have another “Iraq WMD’s” scenario. Maybe Pull Colbert’s cock out of your ass and use your brain to think instead of just warming the space between your ears!

  6. NChapters says:


  7. Alternative Spicer says:

    At least that’s new… usually when panic, bring up 9/11. Now bring up the panda!

    • byteresistor says:

      9/11 was a bear job.

    • 4c1dr3fl3x says:

      Everyone knows the Talibear and Opanda Bear-Laden was behind 9-11.
      Operation Firecracker Chicken was a stir-fry job.

    • pixel girl says:

      Gerard, do you think we all think he spent an entire episode ranting about Pandas? I mean, the guys a journalistic hack, but he’s not quite Alex Jones. I’d click your link, but I fear it actually _would_ be a full episode of Tucker, and I’d much prefer to be rickrolled.

  8. Adrian Duran says:

    3:01 I like how Colbert doesn’t pronounce the t in either Colbert or Report

  9. Alternative Spicer says:

    Carlson doesn’t like pandas because they’re only half white.

  10. Mr Shambleface says:

    Good lord, even PANDAS aren’t safe from FOX News making fake news about them!

    • Priestess Auset Ra Amen says:

      Lmao right!!!

    • corrine joy says:

      Groot Stewart I agreed the pandas should sue FOX NEWS

    • Battle of Valmy says:

      Gerard did you fall asleep during the part where Tucker said the raid in Cohen’s house wasn’t newsworthy? And then he had the audacity to bitch about CNN covering that story over Syria when CNN covered Syria all day. Stephen was giving Tucker a taste of his own medicine. And Fox News is to “real news” what Pornhub is to real film.

  11. Michael Berthelsen says:

    Interestingly, pandas are less bear, more raccoon…??

    Edit: Great pandas ARE in fact bears, while the panda/lesser panda/red panda (all the same animal, and awesomely cute) is more related to raccoons. Sorry that I got it wrong the first time, and thank you for pointing it out. ^__^

    • pschroeter1 says:

      If you find a panda tooth, you will acquire the ability to summon Godzilla.

    • CSharp says:

      It’s actually the raccoons that I worry about. Comin’ into my yard, eating whatever they can get their skinny little fingers on, looking all cute and silly. But I know what they’re up to. *shakes fist at raccoons* They’re spying and selling my personal info to Facebook. Why do you think they wear those masks? To this day I’ve never been able to make a positive ID in a raccoon lineup.

    • ProjectFlashlight612 says:

      Michael Berthelsen Maybe pandas are actually mutant air breathing fish

    • Primalxbeast says:

      CSharp Yeah, we broke into your personal information on Facebook, but we couldn’t get through much of it because it was boring us to death. We’re not counting on it having much resale value, except maybe as a sleep aid.

  12. Asehpe says:

    It’s all just panda propaganda.

  13. Ashmita Nandy says:

    All this time you’ve been training to survive the zombie apocalypse, I bet you didn’t *once* worry about Panda-monium!

  14. deepbigeyes says:

    Wow Tucker just went full blown Alex Jones level delusional. Be thankful sex crazed pandas aren’t making us extinct?! He needs meds.

    • Collin McLean says:

      They also have corkscrew shaped penises… Imagine how easily they could put out eyes with those!? Or open a wine bottle!?

    • deepbigeyes says:

      I think meds are in order. Some mentally ill people need to be assessed aside from their own objective feelings of their state. Sex crazed pandas as a threat? That’s simply psychotic and delusional. He needs a few mgs of something. Too bad you can’t prescribe 100mg of reason and decency. Or the total recall machine to just vaporize those neurons that are responsible for his asinine dumb ass petulant attitude. But I digress – sex crazed human threatening pandas. That’s a whole lotta CRAZY.

    • Priscilla Jimenez says:

      Prob on them already

    • Lao tze says:

      Actually 90% of that Tucker Carlson show was asking, “Why are we attacking Syria?” Which I guess is not as funny as pandas, and not worth Colbert commenting on. It’s only American blood and money on the line. Let us all laugh at Tucker and all the Russian missiles fling by!

  15. derry667dingo says:

    Even by Colbert’s usual high standards, this is outstanding. And even by Carlson’s usual abysmal standards, his effort is embarrassing.

  16. David Dutton says:

    I want to know who made the decision to run this story at Fox News. “The FBI just raided the offices of the President’s personal attorney, so that means we have to do a story about… pandas.” Responsible journalism at its finest.

  17. Carole Nash says:

    whales hopped up on meth….LOL!

  18. Accio Username says:

    Faux News
    It’s all propa-panda

    • TanksFurNutin says:

      Stay in Russia… How’s Putin’s cock taste?

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      Putin’s cock taste like Panda cock.


      Typical liberal. I make a valid point and you make a nonsensical comment about Russia. I suppose it can only be expected when your main source of news is from arrogant late show hosts and biased media outlets grasping for ratings.

    • Accio Username says:

      ALEXANDER WINTON They(channels) are telling it like it is. They can’t help if Trump is so non-sensical.

  19. MythicTyrant says:

    The panda pandemic is indeed the polar opposite of a grizzly pandemonium.

  20. Linda Ciccoli says:

    Slow news day, Carlson?

    • Ben Melenius says:

      maybe watch the whole episode and not just the last 30 seconds of his 40 min plus show

    • Bad Hombre says:

      Carlson is a blubbering idiot

    • RogueBishop89 says:

      Ben Melenius

    • juhcrispy says:

      Exactly. its so funny reading these comments. “Fox news cucks” “fake news” etc etc. When 99% of these people dont even know what happened with this situation. But thats the Colbert audience for ya. Mindless sheep. I dont even like fox but Tucker is well known for his professionalism and honesty within the industry. I would love to see Colbert go on Tuckers show. Carlson would eat him alive. But, when you cant debate someone, just make up shit to ridicule them. The go to play for people like Colbert. Its pretty obvious to people that have a brain.

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