Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate #Tucker

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20 Responses

  1. Jay- A-Lawn says:

    Bill Nye the science guy isn’t a scientist and never was one. He was an engineer and now he’s a moonbat.

  2. Johnf275 says:

    For him to say that a scientific theory is “settled”, he is showing his ignorance.  There are no absolutes in Science.

  3. dathip says:

    I couldn’t careless about climate change. We got bigger fish to fry. ISIS, racial tensions, 19 trillion dollar deficit, illegal immigration issue, foreign relations are terrible, etc. We got *MORONS* who think that climate change is worst than ISIS. Ridiculous.!!

  4. Max Blanke says:

    Are all of these people in the comments autistic or is this just a big circlejerk?

  5. Anthony's YouTube Channel says:

    Wow that tucker guys is dumb and rude

  6. Geoff Taylor says:

    People who say Bill Nye is a Mechanical Engineer and not a scientist, really need to pick up a book

  7. Let me sleep in peace says:

    This was so hard to watch. Tucker has no idea what margin of error is. There is always that in science no matter how accurate you predict something. He looks like a fool asking for “specific” percentages when you know those percentages are irrelevant to the subject matter.

  8. Pete Ivey says:

    I like Tucker, but he and the right are dead wrong about Climate change.

  9. SmackontheWeb says:

    Goddamn Carlson he answered your fucking question a half-dozen fucking times. That YOU are too fucking stupid to understand the the answer isn’t Nye’s fault.

  10. L1Games says:

    tucker yells and gets angry throughout the whole thing, then calls Bill Nye (who was calm and polite throughout.) a bully at the end! LOL
    You have to be kidding me.

  11. keegirose says:

    My god Tucker, you really are stupid aren’t you?

  12. Johnny Gadget says:

    So he chastising bill for shouting people down while trying to shout bill down? This Carlson guy is an ignorant twat. He is basically a mild internet troll with a news show.

  13. Jazmin lee says:

    well maybe the guy should shut up and quit interupting the science guy

  14. Ben Jacques says:

    holy shit 6:45 is insane. Tucker saying he cant ask questions without being “shouted down by people like you” , and thats exactly what Tucker is doing this entire interview. infuriating.

  15. Tyler Coon says:

    I’m usually a big Tucker fan, but this was just ridiculous. He’d ask him a question, Bill would get halfway through answering it, and Tucker would just shout the question again. Bill Nye was answering his questions pretty thoroughly in my mind, and then Tucker just yells at him for not having the answer (and i don’t know what Tucker was even trying to prove with that anyways).

    I’m starting to realize Tucker’s tactics only work when the guests lose their cool and make themselves look like idiots. That did not happen in this case.

  16. Mugu S says:

    *the scientific illiteracy in the US is truly astounding.*

  17. Dag Johnsrud says:

    Bill Nye: “It is Scientifically proven that there are many, many stars in the Universe”
    Tucker: “If that’s the case, let me ask you an honest question. Tell me EXACTLY how many stars are in the Universe”
    Pretty much what Tucker is asking Bill Nye to do, when he asks him to describe what the climate would be without humans. Stupid rebuttal to the fact that Climate change is scientifically accepted to be caused by human activity.

  18. Bossmanflex says:

    Im normally a fan of Tucker but in this interview he made himself look like an idiot and had clear intentions of directing the conversation in the way only he wanted. Says Nye has no answers but then interrupts every time he proceeds to answer. Came off as very unprofessional.

  19. Gary Lee Hutchings says:

    Bill Nye the bitchass guy… Bill Nye the fascist guy …. Bill Nye the clueless guy…. “Humans are 100% responsible for climate change”…
    Saying the science is settled proves he has no idea what the scientific method is.
    Shill, fool, insane, dangerous.. calling for people that disagreed with him to be jailed.. Yes, yes he did..

  20. TX Beachbum says:

    Glad Tucker called him out… Bill Nye is in no way associated with weather, climate or any environmental topics…. His education and background is in mechanical engineering.

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