Tunisia vs. France Highlights – FIFA World Cup 2022

Tunisia vs. France Highlights – FIFA World Cup 2022

France was looking to secure a perfect 9 points in group stage, while a desperate Tunisia side stood in the way.

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38 Responses

  1. jordan ryan says:

    Well fought Tunisia. You accomplished what we could not, and yet, find yourselves bowing out before you deserve to go. I hope the world gets to enjoy this fighting spirit again 4 years from now, without Australia having to divy up the winnings with you. Peace be with you

    • colin meehan says:

      @penny wise NO,he was clearly offside.Get over it.

    • Accoustic Sessions says:

      @Fehri Bennecib Who are we! Shameful!

    • Mildred Bello says:


    • 🧌SkuzzleButt🧌 says:

      @Sullfolifeno you are wrong. The French are big cheaters with steroids. This is why they win last time and it’s not fair to the rest of the countries who are playing naturally. This is why mbappe hid in his locker when the drug testers were looking to test him. Shame on France, cannot win fairly without steroids.

    • Karol Tomis says:

      Problem for Tunisia was the Danes had sent the worst team in their soccer history: politicians and barebacklovers.

  2. K A says:

    Last minutes was crazy! Crazy good! Congrats to Tunisia for a great win against defending champs France. You can go home proud!

    • XnokizzyX says:

      Ion gon lie the only reason they won was cause franc was resting their good players and were taking it easy since they were already at the top of the table and in the group stage. But still good game to Tunisia 🙂

    • THANK ME LATER 🅥 says:

      Has anybody watched (Messi Ronaldo Neymar one last shot) on youtube…??😢

  3. your papa says:

    Tunisia won our heart 💓👏👏 This world cup would be a historical no doubt 👍👍👍..sad for their elimination from round of 16 but Tunisia really deserves more things…. They really won our heart🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪… So emotional win..

  4. Rui Dad Gmail Canada says:

    Love to both France 🇫🇷 Tunisia 🇹🇳 from Canada 🇨🇦.
    Tunisia played with unending heart and determination, such a great game to watch.

  5. Diego Alvarado says:

    Proud of Tunisia this game even though I’m a Canadian rooting for Canada. Can’t help but cheer for the the underdog

  6. Michel Renaud says:

    Tres belle victoire méritée de la Tunisie contre l’équipe que j’appuie, la France. Mais j’aimerais comprendre pourquoi le but des Français a été refusé. Grizou est en position de hors jeux au debut de l’action mais il reviens sur ses pas alors que le Tunisien prends le ballon avec la tete, a partir de ce moment, il me semble que le français n’est pas hors jeux. Expliquez moi svp?

    • Daniel Ruiz says:

      Probablement parce qu’il joue la balle tout de suite après qu’elle est contré. J’imagine que l’arbitre décide qu’il n’y a pas eu suffisament de temps passer entre son état d’hors jeu pour lui meriter une positionnement de “deuxième phase” au lieu de “premier phase”

    • Patience Gebr says:

      @Zviiz There’s no faul. He would review replay for faul. He could’ve just canceled it right on the spot.
      He called it off side but it wasn’t. Sometimes these decisions are a matter of personal opinion (the referee’s opinion).

    • Patience Gebr says:

      I think the refeee got it wrong.

    • 8c8 says:

      because he took advantage of his initial position in offside. the law changed in July. and there is a foul on the defender anyways

    • Polymath Freeman says:

      Il y avait autant hors-jeu sur le premier but tunisien qui a été refusé. La vérité c’est que DD a fait tourner son effectif pour voir mais du côté tunisien ils ont joué le match de leur vie. Les remplaçants (et les non-remplaçants) français ont pris ce match beaucoup trop à la légère. D’ailleurs l’arbitre aurait dû valider le but tunisien ce qui aurait peut-être réveillé les français qui ont clairement manqué de gnac. Les tunisiens méritent clairement leur victoire et l’équipe de France devrait faire très attention parce que c’était le seul match qu’il pouvait se permettre de perdre. Vous remarquerez que le public a clairement une influence sur le mental des équipes. Et en terrain non occidental cette coupe du monde présente de nombreuses surprises avec notamment l’Arabie Saoudite, le Maroc et maintenant la Tunisie (sans oublier le Japon).
      Bref, bien malin celui qui prédira le vainqueur du titre mais à mon avis ça ne sera pas une équipe européenne ce coup-ci.

  7. Janaa Nad says:

    Tunisia really touched my heart I keep watching this match again ! It’s was an absolutely fabulous performance and well deserved to win for Tunisia,not against France but my African blood and my beloved Muslim brothers ! support Africa whether its nord South East and West !!! Keep your head up!

  8. Tomazinho tomas says:

    Acho que zagueiro tunisiano não tinha impedimento marcado
    O gol podia ser válido
    Por alto sem impedimento.

  9. Matthieu Ménard says:

    Contrats to tunisia. You beat us faire and square. Your will to fight was truly remarquable and we look forward to get a second matchup in other competitions. Trully, if you had shown that mindset for the other 2 matchs, surely you wouldn’t have been out.

    • HOT OFFERS says:

      Thanks alot Matthieu for your support and as Tunisians we wish for you good luck in going forward straight to the final

    • thisisAB says:

      @Derrick Ma it was literally the most French comment I’ve ever seen hahaha “remarquable”

    • Amine Mrabet أمين المرابط says:

      @yan mancini hey Dump Dump we speak French so we understand you nothing else never used it’s such primitive language that make no sens what so ever you understand or should i translate to you in French 😂

    • yan mancini says:

      Donc toi tu es content de jouer contre des nations dont les supporters sifflent copieusement notre hymne et huent nos joueurs. Bravo l’artiste.

  10. MedIrad says:

    Great game for the carthagians, very proud of Tunisia and i hope we can learn from this experience to achieve better results in the next tournaments 🇹🇳🇹🇳👌

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