Turkey Sandwich of Justice – You Suck at Cooking (episode 52)

Turkey Sandwich of Justice – You Suck at Cooking (episode 52)

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The Turkey Sandwich of Justice is a creation made by my friend Ryan, many years ago. Here’s how it goes.

On a sheet of tinfoil, place:
Pulled turkey, sliced mashed potatoes, gravy, hot sauce, stuffing, shredded cheese.
Put the ingredients in the onion on 250 or 300 until the cheese is really melted and everything is hot.
Toast some bread, put mayo on the bottom, sour cream on the top (if you don’t like one of those, put both on top or bottom, or use something else…but get some moisture in there so it’s not dry).
Slide the hot ingredients onto the bread.
Add a layer of cranberry sauce and sliced dill pickles.
Salt and pepper.
Put the top slice of bread on, then cut it. It should be almost as structurally sound as a building, but don’t build a building out of Turkey Sandwiches of Justice because some jackass will call you out on not being up to code, even though it’s perfectly safe.

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20 Responses

  1. DingleDangle says:

    Devon is my name 😀 Thanks for not punching me

  2. Yomon500 says:

    I’m disappointed in the lack of mustard on this sandwich.

  3. Dr. A. J. Rex says:

    Every time you upload a video it’s like finally getting to masturbate after
    being on a family vacation.

  4. Julius Romano says:

    this is the only yousuckatcooking meal that I wouldn’t want to eat

  5. Bob Dole says:

    Oh please tell me your ass wasn’t wearing fucking corduroy pants

  6. Beebe says:

    So what if I am amazing at cooking? To the extent where you’re the one who
    sucks at cooking.

  7. Tristan Hoban says:

    Spell “Tuna sub” backwards. That is what I’m doing later.

  8. Meatwad says:

    Pants bag. Genious.

  9. Yellow Bandit says:

    This looks terrible, and way too much ingredients.

  10. Megan D'Alessandro says:

    Ugh it looks amazing.

  11. Grill Top Experience says:

    Pickles and cranberry sauce?

  12. Rafael Almeida says:

    wait, are you corn farmer ?

  13. Isaac Busch says:

    David Blaine has a second stomach

  14. robpattishot says:

    1:53 playing poker with his two other selfs, causally explained and exurb1a

  15. chelle c says:

    I hate Thanksgiving ..

  16. Haley Foster says:

    “put it in the onion on low” hahaha

  17. Jessica and Emily Murray says:

    *Hey! Thanks for improving my soup!*

  18. chbrules says:

    How does this channel keep getting better each video?

  19. Myke Commodore says:

    i want a woman who cooks at sucking.

  20. SH4D0W0733 says:

    I can buy that you have a poker table by the toilet, seeing as the bathroom
    is one of the places one inevitably will spend a lot of time in ones life
    at. But preparing food in there seems rather unhygienic and I’m almost
    certain bringing an oven in there makes it far too cramped. I shudder to
    think what you sacrificed to bring it in there, be it your shower/bathtub,
    washing machine or sink, even if it goes in line with the unhygienic
    lifestyle of preparing food in there to begin with.