Turning paint thinner into cherry soda

Turning paint thinner into cherry soda

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For this video, I attempt to turn toxic and nasty paint thinner into some beautiful and amazing tasting cherry soda. If I am successful, I can add it to my soda collection, along with my plastic glove grape soda!

Nile talks about lab safety: https://youtu.be/ftACSEJ6DZA


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42 Responses

  1. NileRed says:

    Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera here: https://opr.as/Opera-browser-NileRed

  2. Rob Meme Overlord says:

    “Never eat anything that comes from the lab”

    Soap fries, strawberry DNA, aspirin mints, synthetic glove grape soda, literal piss crystals, paint thinner soda. The list is just getting bigger.

  3. Mason M. says:

    This man is one of the scariest people on the platform. I feel like if you decided to mess with him, he’d drop you in a beaker with a stir bar and turn you into rock candy.

    • Fatal Phenom says:

      Or completely emulsify you with some kinda acid, distill you, and do it again til you’re nothing but a small oily puddle he makes into some kinda confection and eats you.

    • D S says:

      You offend nile, his next video drops:

      “so I was talking to someone online..when they said they could beat me in a fight.. So I had an idea..I wanted to turn this box of condoms in to depleted uranium. The process is pretty simple”

    • -CherryLimeade- says:

      @D S “so we open up this brand new NEVER BEFORE USED box of condoms”

    • LaLo ANIME says:

      ​@-CherryLimeade- regular box

  4. Yaszu says:

    Nile: Anxious about exploding
    Also Nile: Sad about no cool explosions

    • Ormus n2o says:

      Nile red: Anxious about exploding
      Nile blue: Sad about no cool explosions

    • TheBurningWarrior says:

      The duality of man

    • Jedzia Dex says:

      Again … Our “chef” is on the loose!
      In fact, Nile is making me hungry right now, not only for explosions, hehehe:)

    • Kefalp says:

      He is anxious about explosions I am more anxious about the toxic fumes he’s working with and fact he directly smelled a chemical weapon.
      Usually to check chemical smells you wave some fumes over to you and not directly sniff.

  5. EVILBUNNY28 says:

    You just know when Nile ends up with a finish product just 14 minutes into a 45 minute video that something had to have gone horribly wrong 😂

  6. Glitch says:

    If that tear gas was enough to cause trouble to Nile’s smell system for hours, it would pretty much instantly kill us all in a single whiff

  7. LFS says:

    I feel like alot of people don’t truly understand how horrifying and impressive this is.

  8. CriticoolHit says:

    Nile: “I’m going to make cherry stuff”
    Also Nile: “I’ve accidentally tear gassed myself”
    I love you Nile.

  9. Monte Python says:

    I’ve been drinking my paint thinner straight up all this time and it could’ve tasted like cherry soda? This is a revolution!

    • HighlanderNorth1 says:

      😕 Oh damn, I guess I must be somewhat of a lightweight, because I never drink paint thinner straight. Sure, I’ll sometimes do it in shots, but I always chase it with liquid plumber or WD-40. But more often than not, I just make cocktails of paint thinner, ammonia & bleach.

      📛{Warning: don’t consume toxic chemicals like paint thinner and household cleaners}!!

    • Lord Vomapoo Mobile says:

      ​@HighlanderNorth1 Yikes. You need to drink more often and make sure to increase purity. It gives you a hard time when you first do it, but it’s definitely worth it!

    • Kaanfight says:

      Mmmmmm, esophageal burns

    • HighlanderNorth1 says:

      Yeah, well, maybe there’s some esophageal burns, but more importantly, these chemicals kill harmful bacteria on the way down, so, bonus….

  10. ItsPungpond98 says:

    Nile Red: It wouldn’t be a cherry soda without the colors.
    Nile Red: Adds Green Food Coloring

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