Turning Roadside WEEDS Into BREAD

Turning Roadside WEEDS Into BREAD

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Today Joseph and Joseph from the channel Good & Basic (check them out here: http://bit.ly/2kihfkx) are with us and we’re harvesting rye from roadside wheat. Can we make something edible enough to survive on?

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51 Responses

  1. MC BackFat says:

    0:24 the grim reaper and Vladimir lenin standing side by side

  2. South Texas Savage says:

    Funny how the “Breaking Bad” van (actively smoking from the production of METH inside) snuck it’s way in the video @ 11:59 haha!

  3. Cryomancer says:

    Dad: Wyd

    Me: Feeding my bread

    Dad: Oh okay.

    W a i t

  4. Nick Houle says:


  5. XxDarkLordxX1329 Z says:

    next episode, can we turn a potato field into a gulag with a sickle and a hammer

  6. GoldenFever says:

    Wow this minecraft texture pack is INSANE!

  7. Cheesy Ninja says:

    Past: Makes bread with campfire
    Present: Makes bread with oven
    Future: Makes bread with crafting table

  8. SuperSaiyanPikachu says:

    Put fence around so mobs won”’t step on the wheat.
    Also, if you use bonemeal it speeds it up.

  9. RizmaXx says:

    These noobs don’t know how to play Minecraft or use tools

  10. Joshua Nora says:

    I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since they mentioned it in the first bread video

  11. D4y Ris3 says:

    Hey King Of Random You Should Try to Make Bismuth Crystals!!

  12. Trishiee V says:

    “Would I eat this on purpose?”


    _”if dying.”_


  13. Agdto65 says:

    Literally a tutorial on how to make bread. And I love it

  14. Vtaemins and Vitamins says:

    in the minecraft world we don’t have those fancy smancy tools. we have to harvest with OUR BARE HANDS.
    pray for us mincrafters.

  15. Leo Tan says:

    In the chat :
    Nate has updated his gamemode to

  16. sophie the turtle says:

    have you ever experimented with jello, like deep frying it, or lighting it on fire, or putting it in liquid nitrogen?

  17. Nothing 1 says:

    Next video: making uranium from roadside rocks

  18. Dhairya Sanghavi says:

    This type of bread is actually popular in Denmark

  19. Eric Scott says:

    I think its amazing that people figured this whole process out originally.

  20. Logan Salinas says:

    *Uses flour to make pancakes*
    Nate: “tastes like pancakes”
    Nate’s way of thinking…

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