Turning Sugarcane Into Candy Canes | HTME

Turning Sugarcane Into Candy Canes | HTME

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After my failures at making candy corn, I take another stab at making a candy cane, starting from sugarcane. For flavoring I use cinnamon I harvested in Mexico, and mint and wintergreen I grew and foraged plus distilled alcohol to extract the flavoring.

Thank you to Terry John Zila and Cooks of Crocus Hill, get your own class from Terry:

Cody’slab’s video on processing sugar beets into sugar:

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59 Responses

  1. Sheedy Aja says:

    this video will be good, even though I haven’t watched it yet

  2. xWood4000 says:

    I appreciate that you got tips from Cody’slab again.

  3. Smow Alarmmacher says:

    That chef is pretty excited about making candy XD

  4. Socialus says:

    Is this a personal channel or is it multiple people involved?

  5. cody crank says:

    Look at it !!!! Just look at it!!!! Look at it !!!!!

  6. sweeteuthiedoll says:

    OMFG the explosion scared the crap outta the dog. πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

  7. Ian Malone says:

    That chef dude was just a *little* over enthusiastic

  8. Jericho : says:

    Hey, do you know the channel lofty pursuits they make hard and yes candy canes. They could really help since they’re trying to make there cans though fresh sugar canes

  9. Sirkrodz says:

    That chef do surely loves his job.

  10. Riccardo D'ambrosio says:

    You have to put in the extracts at the start when its molten, stir it very fast so all the alcohol and water boils out and doesnt make it sticky or soft, also add the color at the start too then just stir it around to even the temperature

  11. Monoxious 115 says:

    I love this channel and Andy you really deserve At least 700,000 more subs than you have keep up the awesome and amazing work

  12. Gimme dat Ti says:

    psycho chef!!:

  13. Foxx6699 says:

    Look at that! Would you just look at that! Look at it!

  14. Anonymous Idiot says:

    3:57 the jake Paul that isn’t a complete idiot

  15. What's Outside? says:


  16. NyaMoon says:

    I don’t understand why you have less then half a million subs πŸ™ the effort you put in your videos is much more then probably every other channel on YouTube.. and I don’t think that there’s an other channel that does the same as you! I really enjoy watching your videos and you deserve much more views!
    Happy christmas from Austria πŸ™‚

  17. Andrei Simionescu says:

    Motherfucking subscribed. Every now and then YouTube Trending actually delivers

  18. chicken permission says:

    You’re on trending!!! Yaaaay congrats man! You deserve it!!

  19. Gavin Stein says:

    Its rare that you see quality videos on this site with actual time put into them. Very appreciative How to Make Everything, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  20. GTR Wendy says:

    I think youtube trending was sober this time.

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