‘Twas A Night In Litchfield – Orange is the New Black – Netflix

‘Twas A Night In Litchfield – Orange is the New Black – Netflix

Litchfield gets festive for the holidays with their own version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

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20 Responses

  1. Alionka says:

    You kidding ? We see Alex just 1second

  2. Adam Maidment says:

    Merry Christmas…Bye!

  3. Tabe Spetra says:

    love all Videos from this cast?!!!!

  4. Jessi Faith says:

    I know this is supposed to be a like a little treat before next season but
    it honestly just reminded me of how much I miss oitnb UGHHHH

  5. Casey Szymanski says:

    I loved this! I can’t wait for the next season.

  6. Kay Klas (Klas647) says:

    Sorry but I watch Wentworth now. This show fell off after the third season.

  7. Andreea S says:

    But Ruby?:(

  8. Melissa Vera says:

    this is nice but im so pissed
    1- wheres nicky???
    2- only 1 second of alex vause?? are u fucking kidding me??

  9. SoTotallyPie says:

    that one Alex line and i was done

  10. esra g says:

    guys it comes out different months for all… depending on where you live
    and where it releases first but should be around February for some but most
    likely to be around may/June for others. hasn’t had an official date from
    Netflix though. hope I helped x ??

  11. Bianca Berdiago says:

    This couldn’t have been more perfect, only thing missing was Martiza ;____;

  12. Tylar Fullwood says:

    okay, so Alex wasn’t killed in the green house!!!

  13. Shuna_94 says:

    Crazy eyes. ?? lol

  14. kattahj says:

    I miss this show, and was so happy to see this! (I may have watched it half
    a dozen times or so already…)

  15. abbi thompson says:

    nicky comes back or i will riot

  16. Maleah Prieur says:

    What about Stella??????

  17. Cakra Jocelyn says:

    Can anyone just tell me why is Alex Vause for… 2? 3 seconds?!?! Damn i
    need mooooreeee

  18. Nyan Tiger says:

    Anyone else think the intro said “Bitchfield” ?

  19. Spliz says:

    We MAY have robbed and roughed up St Nick *bwahaha* 😀 :D

  20. Britney S. says:

    This made my day