Twelve Grades of “First Day” Interviews – Happy Graduation Sweetheart

Twelve Grades of “First Day” Interviews – Happy Graduation Sweetheart

I interviewed my daughter on her first day of school since the 1st grade. Today she graduated from high school.

Special thanks to TJ McConahay Videography

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20 Responses

  1. David Hagler says:

    Damned onions up in here… You made it to Reddit.. 😀

  2. SmokingNoir says:

    I wish my dad loved me

  3. lllFeanorlll says:

    9th grade is peak

  4. drfiver2 says:

    That is a good dad right there!

  5. Andrew Kamen says:

    Better than Boyhood…

  6. Julius Fawcett says:

    Bro, my oldest daughter just finished her first year at university, she comes back home in three weeks time. Isn’t it an amazing journey?

  7. Millers1231 says:

    Kids are just little retarded people. I was a little retarded version of me once. Shit’s crazy

  8. A Nun Oh Mouse says:

    I wish I had a dad like you. You’re a wonderful loving man.

  9. Steve intentionallyleftblank says:

    Man, this makes me feel old and I’m only 23.

  10. 11Anti11 says:

    I wish my dad was 1/20th of the man this guy is 🙁

  11. Mayo taizou says:

    8th to 9th grade felt like a big jump

  12. Mohamed Esmail says:

    reddit anyone.

  13. Jessica Trentwood says:

    You can see her spirit get more broken as time goes by. Schools destroy real self esteem and creativity, and turn us into stressed out anxious drones ready to produce.

  14. Abe Bust says:

    Music is cringey but otherwise good video, will do this with my kids

  15. Suna Aoimori says:

    I dunno Mackenzie but she seems awesome n much love n good luck to her from the Netherlands😘

  16. ineDeni says:

    This makes me sad. Getting good parents is like winning the lottery.

  17. Zurassh says:

    I think this is what actually happened.

    Daughter: *Dad, do we really need to keep doing these awkward interviews?*

    Dad: *Hands her a $20.*

    Daughter: *What do you want me to say this year?*

  18. rahul says:

    reddit is cancer.

  19. FuzzyOne[UK] says:

    Adopt me, I’m 36 is that ok?

  20. Toby Lee says:

    If you really loved her, you wouldn’t have called her Mackenzie

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