Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Prank

Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Prank

This week we decided to do the Twin Drive Thru Swap Challenge! We pranked drive thru workers by switching places with each other. This was so much fun to do!!

Last week’s video:

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55 Responses

  1. Stokes Twins says:

    Like we mentioned, this really isn’t our style of videos, but let us know if you guys want to see more Twin related videos and pranks by giving this video a like and subscribing ❤️

  2. Nana Yaa says:

    This is how much food they ordered

  3. Abigail Zimba says:

    Me: **makes really bad joke** OMG UR HAIR IS GOING IN *ONE DIRECTION* 😉
    Also me: **breaks down in tears realizing the break is still on**

  4. Tayana Zook says:


    BTW I’m a YouTuber too! <3

  5. IvoryLand MSP says:

    Even though you dont have 7.5 million subscribers, you deserve them!!!
    Stokes twins are the best vloggers that ive ever seen.

  6. jessica ross says:

    Twins: We are approaching 7.5 million subscribers.
    Me: Rn you have 2.1 million subscribers what do you mean?

  7. Lana’s Life says:


    Btw small YouTuber here

  8. BiSh _i neEd sLEeP says:

    *them switching*
    me: *mini heart attack*

  9. Anna Miłek says:

    The twins: we are almost to 7.5 mil subs
    Me: wait what -pauses vid and checks-
    Also me: grrrr

  10. Lainee Esparza says:

    Twins: We are almost at 7.5 million subs
    Me: looks at sub count
    Also me: well you just need 5.9 million more
    So yeah i guess you could say “close”

  11. kirat kaur says:

    Employee- you scared me 4 a second cuz I thought u were a different person !!

    Alex- ……………

    Employee – cuz u put the jacket on!

    Alex – (acting all innocent and pretending like he had the suit on the entire time?)

    Employee- ummm u know wt? It’s been a long day

    ???? everyone- finally a success ???

  12. The AJ Show says:

    Use me as a,”I love the Stokes Twins.” Button ❤️?❤️

  13. lil gamer says:

    You know the drill….
    1. Alex
    4.Lexi Rivera
    5. Alan
    6. Caleb
    7. Andrew
    9. Eva
    0. Mark

  14. Vanessa Storm says:

    alan: can i get a cheeseburger with no cheese?

    me: rolling around on the ground laughing while also internally facepalming

  15. Jelena Camacho says:

    Is no one gonna talk about when he said “let me get a chess burger with no cheese”??

  16. BTS 4life says:

    If only we all have a twin and could swap during a test ??

  17. Ella Perry says:

    Don’t know why everyone likes Alan so much ( no hate) but I just think Alex is so much sweeter and and kind but I love them both❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Stoney says:

    “Let me get a cheese burger with no cheese.”
    “So a hamburger?”

  19. Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    Omg use this as the you guys are twin goals button. They’re literally saying the same words ?

  20. Moon Waffles says:

    Anyone else clicked LIKE before watching the entire video?
    Stokes Twins, if you ever need me to make a Giant project for you let me know! I just made a sword 5 times bigger than me on my channnel (not even kidding). We can make something cool together!!

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