Twisted Love Triangle – Missing Marine Wife Living A Double Life?? | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Twisted Love Triangle – Missing Marine Wife Living A Double Life?? | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about the overdramatic Chris Lee. I am telling you, there is something up with Chris’ and Nicoles. I mean CMON. I would love to hear your thoughts down below. Let’s have a good week ahead, shall we? I love and appreciate you more than you know, and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
x o
Bailey Sarian

09:44 – THE KISS
25:46 – MISSING
28:56 – THE FIND

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35 Responses

  1. Falalala Lala says:

    I don’t care how popular this gets, please don’t ever change the theme song .

  2. Sabrina Sheldon says:

    Concept: a tee shirt “I’m not laughing because it’s funny I’m laughing because it’s uncomfortable”

  3. Mizuki Soups says:

    I’ve never noticed this before, but Bailey has gorgeous eyes, they’re a beautiful jade color!

    • MiszPrettiTrini says:

      Seriously! Certain looks she does, REALLY highlights how beautiful her eyes are.

    • PetaCherry says:

      yeah shes a babe

    • Autumn Heib says:

      Her whole self is beautiful. 🥺 her eyes do look stunning in this video tho!

    • wrecklizz xxx says:

      Yeah I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed til this video either! Her skin tone is do beautiful with it. Maybe she got a new camera or something, who knows, that’s weird were all just noticing her eye colour when we watch her every week (at least I do. Her notifications are the ones I always pay attention to.)

    • Kushi a says:

      I noticed it the first time I watched her video, because I stared into her eyes through the screen…..a lot, instead of focusing on the story and makeup👁👄👁 am I weird

  4. Carolyn Booth says:

    So…it wasn’t premeditated even though he had Google history and photos before the crime?

  5. Angelica Mejia Vargas says:

    The statements Chris’ wife made to the horse ranch owner makes me think she was more involved or knew about Erin’s death. Sure, we all get angry and say things out of anger but what she said about how she wished Erin was dead and ‘there’s no case without a body’ implicates her and they should have definitely investigated her more..

  6. mf says:

    If that ranch lady didnt said anything, imagine this guy still free up to this day living happily

  7. OdaAlexx says:

    Poor Liberty, having a father who breaks up her family, kills an innocent woman that she knew, and tells this awful lie about his daughter to get out of it..😢 poor Erin too💔

    • Meriem HL says:

      Innocent ? She didn’t deserve to be killed like that, but she wasn’t innocent!

    • Truth In Beauty says:

      Umm…this is way too many spoilers in one comment 🥺

    • T says:

      @Meriem HL she was also literally 19… she was so young. also this person is using innocent in the context of she didn’t do anything to deserve to be killed. your lack of empathy is astounding to be honest.

    • teaspoons of peanut butter says:

      @T 1o, not 9. Old enough to be married, having kids and an affair with not only a married man but a father. Age means nothing.

    • Raziza says:

      @teaspoons of peanut butter and the husband of her friend and neighbor

  8. Terrica Wells says:

    “Red Flags Are Just Ah Flying, So He’s Lying…What’s He Hiding” BARSSSSS 🤣‼️

  9. Alex Tucker says:

    Bailey: How are you doing today?
    Me: Quite bad to be honest, feeling down…
    Bailey: Great!

  10. Wallflower Productions says:

    If I had a nickel for every time a guy named Chris killed one of his women while with another woman named Nicole I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.

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