Twitch Chat and I invaded USA with Artificial Intelligence

Twitch Chat and I invaded USA with Artificial Intelligence

The sequel to the greatest board game of all time.

This was streamed live on Twitch!
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52 Responses

  1. oliver j. says:

    I’m going to be honest, saying “If you ever want to see your wife again, you better join us” to your own husband is an incredible power play

  2. Pidge says:

    The crazy thing is that Saul Goodman was the MVP of the entire video and he wasn’t even considered a resource for either one of the armies at any point.

  3. TGKawikachu says:

    How has chat over the course of two episodes acquired both heaven and hell while Doug has gotten corn and beer

  4. PieBathBob says:

    the fact that last time chat acquired hell and now they got heaven is absolutely incredible

  5. Jason Kritzler says:

    The fact that Chat won with heaven and Jesus, and last time won with hell really shows that Chat has transcended beyond anything Doug can complete with

  6. Anthonv says:

    Plot twist: Jim is actually just Saul Goodman. In Better Call Saul, Saul’s real name is Jimmy McGill, so it makes sense that the “Jim” here is also Saul Goodman, and the part where Jim witnessed Saul die from a heart attack (let’s just say he killed Saul) actually meant that Jim let go of his confident lawyer alter ego that was Saul Goodman, which is why the part with Jim asking the Space Pope of Saul’s death and the Space Pope telling Jim “Your mind is saying, ‘I killed Saul Goodman'” actually meant that the Pope saw the change Jim had to make for the better, to leave his alter ego Saul behind.

    Saul coming down from “Heaven” is also just Jim, realizing that despite giving up his alter ego for Chatlantis, he still craves that lawyer life, so this “heaven” part is Jim becoming Saul once more, regaining his identity that gave him this success, and proving that he can serve Chatlantis as Saul Goodman by annihilating Dougkota. It’s unknown how this will affect the Space Pope, as Jim was close with her, but Saul was not.

    It’s also worth noting that (from what I remember), Jim and Saul are never seen together, except when they’re alone, hinting that they could be the same person.


  7. Connor_Phillipz says:

    “Don’t worry, son,” said the general. “Your mommy is in heaven now and she’ll never hurt you again.” Might be my favorite line in this series so far. lmao

  8. BeatInMySkull says:

    Chat: “Invade the sun”
    DougDoug: “If you guys would like to you send your Space Pope into the sun, you are more than welcome.”
    Chat: “We will go at night time.”

    That fucking killed me

  9. barney baka11 says:

    Honestly Iron-Balls has the most interesting character arc in the entire video. He went from a boy who’s mother died in front of him to the governor of Washington. Honestly I feel he probably had one of the best endings in the video. And since it’s stated that it took him 3 years to return to North Dakota that means that he would’ve survived the obliteration of the Dougkota army. And in the end of the story he was able to settle down and meet Mary.

    • manutosis says:

      I think iron balls its the dead war crime general who was revived thanks to the tecnology of corn but he lost his balls so they had to make some iron balls for him

    • The Jester Box says:

      @PepeCl only problem is that it says this was three years later, which we learn is after the fall of Dougtopia, meaning that there children couldn’t have been Jesus.

    • Samurai Gorilla says:

      @Limerald Guy I sincerely thank you for reading. Honestly upon witnessing his character arc I was overcome with passion and felt the need to detail and analyse the story of General Iron Balls

    • Limerald Guy says:

      @Samurai Gorilla This explanation is great and I thank you for taking time of your day to analyze the amazing Arc of Iron balls.

    • olroxsuit says:

      @ARRGHHH Incorrect! It is the Emperor who claims North Dakotan women are easier to control. Iron-Balls simply meets and gets with her by chance after returning to his home. He is insane though you’re right about that

  10. Garbo says:

    _Please_ make this a series. This premise is like an insane D&D campaign and it’s so damn fun.

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