tWitch’s widow opens up on how she explains his loss to their kids

tWitch’s widow opens up on how she explains his loss to their kids

In a TODAY exclusive, Allison Holker sits down with Hoda Kotb and opens up about the months since her husband, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, took his own life a few weeks before Christmas. “No one’s ready for that moment and there’s no one that saw this coming. No one. And that also breaks my heart, too,” she says.

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31 Responses

  1. Cintyee says:

    It’s a shock even if you see it coming. My grandmother talked about it for years, we tried to do as much you can, but it still blindsided everyone the morning we found her. We just never think that someone close will ever go to that dark place… It’s heartbreaking how much he was hurting, not being able to hold on even for his babies.

    • steel man says:

      The guys a hack good ridence.

    • Jon Freeman says:

      Well it’s not adding up. I can’t help but suspect maybe there’s more like homicide and a setup to look like that.

    • Alexis Angel says:

      I can relate to this! I empathize with you. My grandmother took her own life a little over two years ago and the grief still hits hard for us. She always had a dark sense of humor but it got darker after my step grandfather died from kidney cancer in 2017. My sister and I were always paranoid that she would harm herself eventually but my mom was completely blindsided by it. She was the one who found her and she has PTSD now due to it. Mental health is super important including in the older generation. I truly believe the older generations get overlooked regarding mental health and the impacts of it. I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers, love, and support for you ❤️🙏🏻

  2. Kat Formidoni says:

    I am also a widow and having to break the news to my son who was 8 at the time…was the very worst day of my life. Thank you for sharing your pain and loss, Allison. I watched your love story unfold, I once met tWitch in Austin at SXSW, I am still saddened by your loss. He’s watching over you and your family. Thank you for bringing awareness to mental health. It’s so hard to ask for help.

    • Abby Gail says:

      He’s not watching over her. The dead know nothing at all. When people say this I smh 🤦‍♀️ because that’s so disheartening to think that someone will die and watch you from heaven being sad and in pain and they’re watching you suffer, that’s the cruelest thing ever. I truly believe that the dead are not in heaven but they will live again when God resurrects them on a beautiful paradise earth. That to me is more comforting 😊. Revelation 21:4

    • AL says:

      God bless you mama

    • John's Outdoor Adventures says:

      My 5 year old overheard my phone call with the doctor that called to break the news to me (that my husband had died). Most difficult day of my life so far….

    • Esmeralda Rodriguez says:

      It took me 1 week to tell my 4 year old her dad passed away, stay strong

  3. Cece says:

    I swear, I love Hoda. She was literally crying with her. She is one the VERY few sensitive journalists we have left. Her, Savannah Guthrie, Anderson Cooper.. that’s about it. They are all we & these people are on large platforms have left. And God bless Allison & her family. With these things you don’t have words.

  4. imsuchanocfan says:

    My heart goes out to Allison and their 3 children. She needs all the support and positive energy more than ever now. I hope and believe she will be OK and so will the kids – of course it will be a long journey but she seems to have a support group behind her.

  5. Ro. says:

    I lost my dad at 31. When I think about how hard it was for me to process as an adult, I can’t imagine how confusing this must be for children to process who loose a parent, especially an active and present parent. Please y’all. Always check in on your loved ones, you just really never ever know.

    • K.R. P says:

      Lost my dad at 22, almost 22yrs ago. I miss him every single day and cannot imagine how these babies are coping not having the language yet to express their pain.

    • Meeky says:

      Agree! Lost my parents at 20 and it was devastating! I ended up ok so far 😂 hope they are ok.

  6. SassyGalBeauty says:

    Oh man. I’m bawling. So hard to imagine this man struggling and not reaching out to his wife. My heart goes out to her and her kids.

  7. Tracy Ann Bielhy says:

    I think that’s great, that she is keeping his memory with the kids and telling them, “he’s in the stars”. I hope she allows them to talk even about the tough topics- they’re going to need that. RIP tWitch.

  8. LisaBelle says:

    As a big SYTYCD fan, I got to know them both on the show, and I remember learning they were a couple, I was overjoyed. I’m so heartbroken for her and their children. I pray for their strength and peace to continue to get through this.

  9. Katrín says:

    Honestly can’t imagine what she’s going through. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and I am more in love with him now than when we first met. I don’t know what I would do if I’d lose him like this, I certainly wouldn’t be as strong as Allison. All my love to her <3

  10. Einahpets Snikpoh says:

    The biggest problem I had was asking for help, never thought asking for help was a solution. TBH asking for help wasn’t on my list, I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, look at me different, or tell me I was stupid for feeling a certain way. I thought I could figure things out on my own without anyone getting involved but that back fired when my “attempt” was interrupted and then EVERYONE knew what was up. That was 20 years ago and I’m ashamed to admit that those thoughts and feelings have never truly gone away. Life is sure complicated isn’t it?

    • Zion A says:

      @Court R appreciate it

    • B.b. Gun says:

      @Crystal Heck I’m really sorry you were dismissed. Is it possible some of those people just didn’t know what to say to you so it seemed like they didn’t care? Sometimes people have no idea what to say. Kind of like when a person loses a loved one and people don’t reach out because they’re afraid.
      I’m glad that you’re doing better now. I hope you find a friend who you can share your troubles and joys with.

    • Crystal Heck says:

      I tried to get help and no one cared 😢im doing ok now though

    • Court R says:

      I hope you know that you have nothing to be ashamed about. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still struggling. You are amazing to keep fighting though. Your life matters.

    • Zion A says:

      I totally agree with you. Sometimes I don’t wanna tell people how empty I’m feeling when it comes to not being able to bring my friends together. I mean I understand they have families and other stuff to do, of course. The thing is, I don’t want to make it seem like that I’m trying to control people or force them cuz I’m not like that. They can say I can’t do stuff like that and that I should be careful to who I put trust towards but it makes me feel shame because it’s like I’m becoming a victim yet I’m treated as if I’m the problem to myself. That’s why I didn’t need anyone to teach me things that are hard for me to cope with so I only push myself to do better without having to rely on anyone. So sometimes it sucks to not being able to tell how you feel without feeling ashamed.

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