Two Americas: Economy

Two Americas: Economy

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20 Responses

  1. Real Talk says:

    All of these Hillbots posting are hilarious. You clearly have no idea how
    proper budgets are reviewed and managed. In his first 100 days, every major
    department will be given a wasteful spending project to cut non-value add
    processes and programs. Please continue to sound ignorant to the facts
    here, sheep.

  2. Michael P. Shipley says:

    Notice these fake accounts in this comment section with letters as avatars?
    Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook

  3. Mike Brande says:

    This country needs Mr. Trump!!

  4. Susan Harrison says:

    Love him. I know he doesn’t want to waste millions on expensive, temporary
    campaign commercials… but he needs to get these out to every state. And
    needs to address families on an emotional level (like corrupt Hillary is
    trying to do). I passed this on to all my facebook friends to share.

  5. Larry H says:

    Excellent ad, starts with the darkness and evil of the Clinton, then
    transitions to the positive opportunities Trump will bring. Well Done!

  6. graham grasdal says:

    This is a great commercial! Hell, I’m Canadian and I’d vote for him just
    after seeing this Commercial. Well done!

  7. SFGR PHOENIX says:

    Such a great Ad.

  8. Fagan Roberts says:

    TRUMP 2016 – By a landslide!

  9. Daleklingon Jr.Sr. says:

    When you make these, can you at least use complete sentences? I guess the
    target audience isn’t smart enough to understand full sentences.

  10. dsimpki says:

    The tower’s inclusion in the ad is curious because Trump himself was a
    vocal opponent of the One World Trade Center project, claiming in 2005 that
    design of the tower let “the terrorists win.”

    “I don’t want to have the terrorists win … and that’s what’s going to
    happen if we build this pile of junk,” he said.

    Trump had proposed instead building a taller version of the Twin Towers,
    calling the design that was ultimately chosen “disgusting,” “just
    terrible,” “a catastrophe” and “the worst pile of crap architecture I have
    ever seen in my life.”

  11. Keith Breedlove says:

    What a great 30 seconds. Now THAT’S Hope and Change!

  12. FreeSpirit says:

    Compare this ad to one of the ads of Hillary , in which she has nothing to
    say about policy or helping uplift minorities – but she goes about painting
    Trump as a racist.

  13. FreeSpirit says:

    At least the ad is not negative and states the truth

  14. Full Metal Druid says:


  15. Connor Cain says:

    Trump truly will make america great again

  16. NovaTactix says:

    people shouldn’t hate Trump, Hillary shouldn’t be allowed to run for

  17. Captain Awesome says:

    Donald Trump is going to be such an amazing President, I can’t wait till he
    beats corrupt Hillary

  18. John Hanson says:

    whoa a political ad with like/dislike ratio and a comment section?

  19. Bob of Astora says:

    Meanwhile Hillary’s next ad will be about how racist internet memes are
    destroying the country

  20. TR-8R says:

    let the like/dislike ratio be a testament to how Trump will decimate
    Hillary this November