Two Love Stories

Two Love Stories

In which John shares two incredible stories of true love from nerdfighteria. Sara and Luis’s wedding picture from Michelle Whitley.
HEALTH UPDATE: Hi, so I shot this video last week and then when I went upstairs, the world turned upside down rather literally and I was overcome with an incredible vertigo that made me barf for days. It appears that I have something called labyrinthitis. I’m getting better, but recovery is slow, so I’ll try to keep making videos, but I won’t be around as much as usual. Sorry!

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76 Responses

  1. fan777111 says:

    Damn y’all are quick

  2. Josh Slattery says:

    I have never been so early

  3. Violet Moon says:

    Hope you start feeling better soon John-drink plenty!

  4. Piper Anne says:

    title: two love stories
    thumbnail: john holding up three fingers

  5. Amera Abunada says:

    0:20 A suit and sneakers. John you are perfect! πŸ˜€

  6. Thinkpinch says:
    2.kitchin aid mixer
    3. Something bubbly
    Well if I can find love I’m ready for marriage

    • hylke45 says:

      BEWARE that ‘Vlogbrothers’ reply isn’t the real account, please just report the comment

    • Tenley Nadine says:

      That’s why you have to find love first, that way you get the mixer and bubbly free.

    • vlogbrothers says:

      You’re two thirds of the way there, friend. -John

    • Alyce Carlson says:

      May I also recommend that you get clear plastic storage tubs for holding your wedding gifts when you do get married?
      They are fantastic for storage throughout your life and if you’re still at a point where you move frequently (college, living in apartments, etc.) they become a fantastic resource.
      You can pack or store in them, they keep bugs out of stored food, you can see in them to find things you’re looking for, and you don’t have to pack or unpack all at once if you have these nice bins making it look like you’ve got your life together. πŸ™‚

    • hylke45 says:

      I got beer, that’s bubbly. I guess that’s something

  7. Eoin Montgomery says:

    Nice stories

  8. Alexandra Ratliff says:

    Feel better John! I hope the next love story is between you and your immune system

  9. A Unicorn says:

    vlogbrothers Hi i need some help from some people i trust and think well off {Which is both of you} I think i might have a mental illness or more but i am to nervous to go to the doctors because what if it is just be and i made it all up and {I also don’t really want to live i need advice on why i should keep living}

  10. sort of pink says:

    aww nerdlove, the best kind

    • shmokie says:

      I smiled at this comment thinking of the times my boyfriend and I have just sat in the same room together, without talking, for hours just reading next to each other. Nerds are the best.

  11. Moira H says:

    #1 John I’m so sorry you have the flu, I feel horrible for you and I wish I could help you feel better. #2 boy do I just love love and this video. #3 if I get the flu I will assume I caught because I watched this video. #4 My dog Lucy who is 16 years old hurt her leg and is going to the vet today, I would love if all the nerdfighters could send some love to her.

  12. RCPlanes59 says:

    So I accidentally started binging Vlogbrothers videos and came across a video in which John said he has some sort of rare esophagus disease. Is it just me or does John have the most bizarre illnesses?

    • vlogbrothers says:

      I do have bizarre illnesses. I don’t know why. None of them seem to be related to the others. I may be more susceptible to infection than most people, but that doesn’t explain the esophagitis (which is an autoimmune problem). I’m lucky that so far I’ve been in pretty good health most of the time. Looking forward to recovering from this so I can say that again! -John

    • TheDanishGuyReviews says:

      RCPlanes59 “John, l want to complain about having the flu, but you just came back from Africa with Malaria.” ~ Hank Green

  13. Ryan Ruark says:

    “Surrounded by injustice, microbes and love: The John Green Story.”

  14. posthumorously says:

    Oh my goodness! Hi. I’m Sara. πŸ™‚ I’m so blushy right now.Our wedding was Super Mario Bros themed, so we wanted everyone to be colorful like the game. I can’t believe you read my hasty description of the color theme out loud on the Internet. Wow. I just want to make sure to credit for the wedding image. She was the BEST wedding photographer. I hope you feel better right away, John. <3

  15. AlffBooks says:

    Amazing stories! 😍
    Get better soon!

  16. alaska phoenix says:

    probably 1 person thought dislike button is download button

  17. Jack Rota says:

    Everyone is very sick.

  18. Jason Spriggs says:

    I’m really excited for Sara and Luis. I was the one weirdo who was standing behind them both in the photo (I know, placement sucks :P) and the photo goes to show how far reaching Nerdfighteria has gone over the years. Most of us met in either 2012 or 2013 through our local nerdfighter group and attended gatherings through 2014. Two of us are admins of that group, a number of the others leaded up expansions to focus in LGBTQ+ identity, chronic illness support, fandoms, musicals, and more. None of us would have met each other without the common interest in John and Hank’s content and this just goes to show how amazing and real the relationships made from online groups are. Thank you for making this community so special. DFTBA <3

  19. Lindybeige says:

    Someone asked for advice and [cut to a man proposing on a stage]… It always strikes me as the height of rudeness to propose to someone in public. The poor woman has to deal both with the magnitude of the question and the fact that many people, many of them strangers, are now staring at her. I am always amazed when in an American film, the man proposes to the woman at the dinner table of a large family gathering. Do real people actually do this?

    • Darth Szarych says:

      Lindybeige this happens but mostly just for show after the couple has already decided to get married (at least ideally). I would hate it if someone proposed to me publicly without giving me a chance to consider.

    • seashell1286 says:

      Lindybeige If you are wondering whether or not if they want to get married and proposed to publicly, then you are not ready to get married to this person.

    • jliller says:

      “we had our wedding date and location booked two days before he proposed.”

      …if you’ve already decided on the wedding then what’s the point of proposing?

    • Wright Family says:

      I specifically requested a public proposal, so it really all depends.

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