Two very different muggers

Two very different muggers

Oddwin – 19

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46 Responses

  1. i am thing says:

    His ability to make every video weird is incomparable

  2. Not GhOsT says:

    Caleb could make an entire movie using just himself 😂

  3. Sk123_9000 says:

    My head canon is that the dude they were robbing is actually highly trained in self defense but was so intrigued by this dynamic duo that he just decided to play along

  4. ProfessorMadHatt Gaming says:

    It’s amazing how much chemistry this man has with himself

  5. firstname lastname says:

    “Then hit the splits!” had me hollering

  6. Will Smith says:

    how does Caleb turn a short video with a simple premise into a comedic masterpiece?

  7. Adam Cat says:

    That could have gone on for awhile, and I would have enjoyed watching the muggers’ conversation completely break down. Still, there’s something to be said for simplicity in comedy. You do a great job as always Caleb!

  8. J4d0n says:

    Caleb! I’ve been watching you for nearly a year now, and whenever you upload, it always makes my day 100x better! Keep it up man!

    • Random psx trader says:

      Yes I’ve been watching him on the hub for a year too

    • TheGlo0m says:

      He doesn’t read comments so. If he did, he would do a wise suggestion his audience made years ago and continue the super hero interview series with a super villain interview skit twice before making a final skit of the heroes meeting/fighting the villains.

    • TheUK says:

      @Random psx trader the tube…

    • Kamoshun says:

      @TheGlo0m he’s gonna do… what he wants to do, regardless.

    • TheGlo0m says:

      @Kamoshun exactly. We don’t matter beyond a view to him so we should just watch and either give a like or a dislike and move on with our lives.

  9. TaurusSaurus says:

    It’s always a good day when Caleb uploads.

  10. Yokuutsu says:

    0:20 That “DEW IT.” is so devious bro

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