Two Weeks Post op – Pureed food stage!

Two Weeks Post op – Pureed food stage!

This week we’re 2 weeks into post op. This means things are getting a little easier to deal with, while new problems are cropping up. we’re also finally able to introduce some new foods and in this video I talk about how we’re able to consume those new foods and what those new foods mean for me in a post op gastric bypass world

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20 Responses

  1. Touch of Chaos says:

    notice me damn it!!!!!!!!!

  2. AstralKoda says:

    Boogie has been going on and off of these diets… i think hes just doing this for the views. But if hes not then i totaly support him

  3. Adoring Fan says:

    Be carefull with painkillers you can get seriously addicted.

  4. Poocas Animation says:

    Boogie’s life is a big inspiration. Ty boogie

  5. Jesse williams says:

    I’m eating chocolate chip cookies while watching this I’m ashamed

  6. Carlos Ernesto Gutierrez Vazquez says:

    It will help alot!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beast6228 says:

    So, when is the nude calendar coming out?

  8. The Greatest Niko says:

    Boogie I jus wanna say shoutout to ur wife for always being there, do something special for her after your done recooperating from the sergeon

  9. TSG iRage says:

    Hey boogie a word of CAUTION for you. My mother had the surgery and the first issue she had with solid foods was how quickly she ate. Please please please make sure you chew everything very well and eat slowly. Otherwise you will become violently ill!

  10. coolghost 9 says:

    do Francis try’s baby food like if u agree

  11. Cosmicblue101 says:

    Boogie survives off of his fans and not YouTube money as you can see by the length of the vid meaning that he loves what he is doing and his fans

  12. Ryan King says:

    Nice shirt Boogie. Red is your colour. You skinny little fucker.

  13. Ian Darst says:

    Hey Boogie,
    You should do one of those things (time lapse?) where you take a picture of yourself every day for the next few years and then make a video out of all the pictures. It would be a great way to see your progress and very motivational when it’s completed!

  14. TooBIG's WLS Journey says:

    Boom! Keep rocking it boogie. I’m almost a copy of you and when you’re on my tv my kids think it’s me cause we look alike. My surgery is on Oct 17th for Gastric Bypass. Documenting my journey as well on YouTube. If anyone is interested would love a sub for support.

  15. Sage Watson says:

    DUDE please drink some water! Water is super good for health

  16. Watcherama Research says:

    I was going to compliment you, but then I realised that a Rick and Morty quote fit perfectly.

    My man! Lookin good. Slow down!

  17. Melissa0774 says:

    I know this is probably going to get buried under 1,000 comments but I have a banana gingerbread smoothie recipe that I think would be good for you and others in this situation. I’ve had intestinal surgery and I swear by these things! Every ingredient has a specific nutritional benefit and it taste exactly like banana nut muffins. Here’s what you need:
    1 banana, sweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla yogurt, black strap molasses, cinnamon and cloves.
    Place the banana, about 2 TBS of yogurt and 1 1/2 TBS of molasses, and the spices into a large cup, about 12oz. I use a soda cup from Yankee stadium, it’s the perfect size. Fill it about half way with the almond milk and blend with an immersion blender. Once the molasses is fully blended, fill the cup to the top and blend it again. ONLY use black strap molasses! It has much more B vitamins and iron than the regular processed type has. And check the nutrition labels on different brands, for the amounts of these nutrients, too. Some brands have a lot more than others. Pleas vote up this comment if you think boogie2988 should try this recipe or you’d like to try it. One more thing – You should really buy an immersion (hand) blender. It’s the best thing you can possibly have when you have to do pureed foods. No annoying multiple pieces to take apart and wash constantly.

  18. TCF KAPPA says:

    If you make it below 300 pounds then your strong if you cant then your weak. I hope you do well

  19. trier4952 says:

    578? Don’t you mean 478?

  20. Ryan Greer says:

    Wow, boogie! Great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!

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