TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING – Episode 1 – Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING – Episode 1 – Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING – Episode 1 – Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)
Episode one of iskalls Vault Hunters 1.18 modded minecraft lets play! Minecraft will always begin with wood, but from there vault hunters takes over!

SEED: iskall85season2

Vault Hunters 1.18 is a modpack currently in Open ALPHA. It is unique in that it focuses on action rpg style gameplay as well as all the classic Minecraft elements, with over 2.1 billion different chestplates, swords, idols and more, the pack features a never-before-seen depth!



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19 Responses

  1. JCoopeR says:

    LETS GO!!! I’m so stoked for this new season!!
    This series is something so important to me, your episodes brighten up my day and I’m so happy you decided to return with another season!
    Here’s to a good run, iskall. Happy vaulting!❤️

  2. Theo State says:

    I love Iskall’s video cuts. Literally all “uhummm” “oooh” “aha!” Always here for it!

  3. Memento Mori says:

    Frankly, it would be really nice (pag even) if you could make a single video about “how to get started on Sky Vault” just to give an overview of the things that are different and how you would get started there.
    Because most of the rest of the game should be similar if not the same as normal world generation, a single video would probably suffice for that and the rest can be seen with this series here.

  4. Nemo says:

    iskall: I’m going to use normal terrain, not sky island.
    Also iskall: Sky Island base?

  5. Eliott Thomas says:

    Since it’s more a guide series than the twitch one, would it be possible to enable the option we we see the block you’re looking at ? I feel like it helps a lot as a viewer 👌

    Otherwise can’t wait for the mod to be accessible for the public and play on a server with my friends ! Thank you so much for all the work 😁!

  6. Leander Erasmus says:

    Tech advice, for dramatically increased performance I recommend a CPU upgrade to one of the new intel ones(Minecraft loves single core performance). I also noticed a lot of aliasing and temporal instability(shimmering in leaf blocks), you can fix this by going to shaders; selecting internal shaders; on the right change your render resolution to 2.0x. This shouldn’t affect your performance as you have a pretty powerful GPU and it is prob being underutilized due to a CPU bottleneck, meaning your framerate should stay the same while dramatically increasing image quality.

  7. bwjc says:

    Woo! I’m excited about this.
    I would also love a self-contained “Intro to Vault Hunters 1.18” video that I could learn all the basics and show friends, as even after watching your entire last series I still don’t really understand a lot of how vault hunters works.

  8. Varukansh says:

    Back to where it was, with updates. Now we are about to see iskallmaan again doing progress again.

  9. Tanetth says:

    Honestly If Create Areonautics is 1.18 then and he goes with the sky base, it would be awesome for iskall to make a moving base…. Imagine all the biomes he would absorb just for vault rocks and to run vaults. Beware the Inevidable Iskallium Powered Flying Fortress

  10. MadMeeper says:

    This feels WAY more accessible than the last season, I had a hard time getting into the modded grind previously. Excited to dig in!

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