TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Questioning Film – What do you see?’ – 태현 (TAEHYUN)

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Questioning Film – What do you see?’ – 태현 (TAEHYUN)

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Questioning Film – What do you see?’ – 태현 (TAEHYUN)

Director : Oui Kim
Assistant Director : Hong Jaehwan, Moon Sug, Kim Yeonjin

Executive Producer : Yoo Jungwoo, Lumpens
Producer : EMMA Kim Sungeun
Production manager : Lee chanhee
Assist Producer : An Juyoung
Production Assistant : Lee Daehyuk, Lee Geonmo, Song eunchong

Director of Photography : EumKo
Focus Puller : Kim Duckjung , Ha Juyoung
2nd AC : Lee Youngwoo , Hwang Kyoha , Kim Sion , Kim Kihun
3rd AC : Ki Sunglim , Shin Taeseok
Jimmy Jib : Lee Dongjin , Ji Yungu
Grip : Nam Hyunsoo
Phantom Operator : Oh Soni , Choi Sangrin

Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam
Lighting Crew : Park Hyuk, Lee Seongil, Kim Mincheol, Kim Seonho, Choi Hanwook

Location Manager : Jang Sepil

Art Director : Kim Suji
Art Crew : Choi Hayoung, Lee Soyoung, Kim Sohee, Ahn Hunmin, Kang Mijin

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea



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60 Responses

  1. Nelly Casares says:

    Esto es todo lo que se de los miembros de TXT
    (No sé si esta información es segura) ojo


    Nombre: Choi yeon yun
    Edad: 19 (mayor del grupo)
    Posición: rapero y bailarín


    Nombre: Choi Soo bin
    Edad: 18 años
    Posición: Vocalista principal, compositor, rapero provisional y bailarín

    Altura: 1,84


    Nombre: Kai Kamal Huengnin
    Nombre coreano: huengnin Kai
    Edad: 18
    Nacimiento: Hawái
    Signo zodiacal: Virgo
    Posición: Vocalista, Bailarín y maknae

    Padre: estadounidense con ascendencia Alemana nacido en Hawái

    Madre: coreana pero vivió en China ?? (hay se conocieron)

    Hermanos: se dice que tiene 2 hermanos mayores (uno hombre y otro mujer) y que la mujer pertenece a un grupo de Kpop

    Actividades: sabe tocar piano y guitarra
    Idiomas: ingles, portugués, coreano y un poco de chino


    Nombre: (…)
    Edad: 17
    Posición: rapero
    Idiomas: ingles
    Actividades: de pequeño actuó en varios comerciales


    Nombre: (…)
    Altura: 1,78
    Nació en Corea el 13 de marzo del 2002
    Proviene de la misma ciudad que V y Suga
    Posición: Vocalista y bailarín

    Esto es todo lo que tengo de teorías :3

    Códigos morse:

    What do you do? Dreaming (soñando)


    What do you see? Tomorrow (mañana)

    *soñando con el mañana (?*


    What do you see? Secret (secreto)

    *Soñando con mi/un/el secreto (?*


    What do you see? Hope (esperanza)

    *sueño con la esperanza (?*


    What do you see? Promise (promesa)

    *Soñando con mi/una/la promesa(?*


    What do you see? Clue (pista)

    *soñando con una pista (?*

    La luz en la cara de los miembros

    Soobin: Flores ?

    Kai: corazones ♥️

    Beomgyu: rombos

    Yeonyun: estrellas ✨

    Taehyun: (?)

    Y si pones la el video el 1,75x vas a poder escuchar la letra

    De nada :3

  2. алёна п_ says:

    Думаю нам их так крупно показывают, чтоб быстрее запомнили, по-началу их было трудно отличить, все красавчики, но мне больше всего приглянулись Техен и Бомгю

  3. Jimin_ ssi says:

    Okay… The fandom name is Deffinetly gonna be *morse code*

  4. CreamRosie :v says:

    BTS: No more Dream (debut)
    TXT: Dreaming (debut)


  5. Sedra Al najjar says:

    In their page web in internet they wrote “coming soon”? but wenn??it’s that the question?

  6. Manuel Nada says:

    Promise and

  7. cookies or coffee says:

    Bighit release the MV already! But more importantly, WHAT’S THE FANDOM NAME!?

  8. Diana Ray PLAY says:

    Да снимайте уже клипы, я уже люблю вас. Боже.

  9. Kookie Lover says:

    I forgot what I was about to comment when I saw him on the screen?

  10. Tae Tae says:


    Oh excuse me,did you say something?
    I got hitted by visuals….

  11. Duygu 감각 says:

    Am I the only one whos in love with this music? Its so pretty

  12. SL P says:

    idk why but i can’t help thinking that he had a very *k drama actor* type of visual.

    • Anusha San says:

      And his looks are kinda mature too compared to the rest of TXT. I was just thinking if anybody else thought of his visuals as a very typical kdrama actor visuals.

    • Doctor Yizzle says:

      SL P hello army!!! i am a 20 year old korean am erican rapper trying to make it in america and try to make a big of a impact as BTS has! i just dropped two new songs, hopefully you can go and check it out, thank you for reading :)!!!!!! have a nice day too

    • Rebecca KPOPsvt says:

      Yeah I see it too

    • Seungmin’s Hot Cheetos says:

      Yeah he does

  13. Kylie Love says:

    X lo que veo hay más comentarios en ingles que en español así que ahí vamos de nuevo


  14. Isabel Miraculer says:

    Idk why he reminds me of Jonghyun :””) ❤❤❤

  15. Jeong-guk says:

    i really hope the backround song is from txt

  16. Фатима хаджи Фатима хаджи says:

    Я конечно согласна что группа “TXT”крутая ,но когда будут клипы группы”BTS”??

  17. pqp Bangtan says:

    Esse ai gosta de Mato né ;-;

  18. Estrela da manhã Kpop says:

    Lindo! Ansiosa estou para que eles debutem logo! Oi pessoas do Brasil! Mandem um salve!!

  19. Petruska says:


    Questioning films show different morse codes, different animals, different colors, different light shapes and different flowers.

    Members: (morse code, animal, color, light shapes)
    Soobin: TOMORROW, praying mantis, blue, flowers.
    Hueningkai: SECRET, gecko, yellow, hearts.
    Beomgyu: HOPE, butterfly, red, rhombus.
    Yeonjun: PROMISE, caterpillar(?), pink, stars.
    Taehyun: CLUE, bird, white(?), circles.

    Also, all intro films morse code: DREAMING.

  20. Puffling In The Water says:

    Man they’ve set the bar really high for their debut song when I come back to the these videos to listen to the music in the background. I really hope their debut song is like this.

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