TXT (투모로우바이투게더) The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Concept Trailer

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Concept Trailer

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Concept Trailer

Production : DIGIPEDI
Director : Wonmo Seong
Executive Producer : Moonyoung Lee
Producer : Yena Yu
Assistant Director : Hyesu Lee

Director of Photography : Euikwan Kim @ACS
Gaffer : Doosu Choi @Hong’s Lighting
Art Director : Bona Kim, Jinsil Park @ MU:E
Steady Camera Operator : Sungwook Park
Techno Crane : Service Vision Korea

Post Production : DIGIPEDI
Edit : Hyesu Lee, Wonmo Seong
2D & Digital Intermediate : Seokho Moon

Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Kang Sung Do, Cha Yeon Hwa
Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Yang Jun Hyeong, Kim Ji Soo, Oh Gwang Taek, Shin Seung Chan

This music video contains “어떤 사람 A” by 윤상 & a remixed version of “Drama” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Remix & Sound Effect Programming : EL CAPITXN
Music & Sound Supervision : “hitman”bang

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea



#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #TheDreamChapter #ETERNITY

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55 Responses

  1. Aurora Prodigiosa says:

    I’m really really impressed with this trailer and the kind of concept they’re going to come back with, it really makes me want to see more, so I’m looking forward to this comeback, and I’m even more excited by the fact that it will be the first where I’ll be💫❤

  2. Alejandra Rodriguez says:

    Here’s my theory: I have ABSOLUTELY no clue at all

  3. issue says:

    everyone: making theories

    me: YEONJUN & TAEHYUN hair reminds me of got7’s mustard & ketchup 😂😂😂

  4. Flower Legendary says:

    I don’t really like commenting, but I badly want to share my theory. Let’s get started…

    I started became aware of these theories last month (March); I started by analyzing each member’s role to the story. Yeojun have these over whelming feelings, that he keeps turning a blind eye on. (Troublemaker, I guess). Heuningkai keeps Yeojun accompany, which will makes him get into trouble too. Soobin is realizing what is actually happening, he knows how to get out of the Magic Island. Taehyun is the key, he needs to help Soobin- and Beomgyu will help Taehyun to realize the situation.

    Now in Magic Island, they revisited the island and shared stories. But remember before- in the train Yeojun opened his eyes. Which is a big NO, it gave consequences to that action. A train struck them and things just became very messy, windy- u know what I mean. That’s part of their consequences. The cat might be one of the Gfriend member taking care of the island and kick TXT out. In Run Away, they kinda doing their own thing but then when they entered the Island again they saw the white door- it might be the exit back to reality. Yeojun burned it, telling us they want to stay. The bear doll’s half was burned- maybe because theirselves in reality is gone, they believe they will always be in Magic Island now, Taehyun saw that and starting to think bit by bit. Next, in the new trailer concept, we all realized Soobin was left behind. The four lights at the back might be the 4 members, knowing that Soobin is still their-fading. Soobin want to call the others and warn them because he saw the cat. He decided to walk on the table, wrong decision. I think he went to another dimension and stuck there. The cat want Soobin away from the group. Notice he has a chain and the padlock, he know another way out that’s why the cat hid him from the group. The final turn of the camera there are only two lights at the back and Soobin… where are the two more? It might be that Yeojun and Heuningkai fully forgot about Soobin. I guess because of Yeojun’s consequences the other are starting to suffer too. Now I said earlier why Taehyun will help Soobin? Because we saw him a lot holding or wearing a key(s) or Beomgyu giving it to him. (In a photoshoot)

    There is also this theory of mine about the pentragram magic circles, we saw that a lot in Run Away, right? I searched Star, Magic and Eternity… that came up and the 5 pointed star. This one is kinda not clear for me yet… it’s like the star is helping the magic work… V and Heuningkai with wings will be a big part of this topic. Pentagram also symbolizes the elements and there is this 7 stars their saying- might means that Bts went way back to time… centuries back currently wanting to go back to present. Ugh, let’s cut it there I might confuse everyone with this second theory. Sorry.

    Yep. Thank you for taking your time to read this long comment. (Not very detailed because I’m lazy and it will be longer) If you want to save it please take a screenshot- BECAUSE I WILL BE DELETING THIS, 6 DAYS FROM NOW. Thank you!!!

    ctto : Nikalao Si

  5. Natasha UwU says:

    Theory: Soobin is trapped somewhere, like in his mind or like in that clear box thing that he was in, something happened to the others and Soobin is imagining things or something like that idk

    • Dean Nitza Elizabeth says:

      @Gusgus Gallegos the way the glass box only had THREE sides, as though he has voluntarily kept himself in it, despite his cries– im genuinely Moved♡ i love All our boys, a given, but Soobin absolutely SHINED. darkly intoxicating!!!

    • Mae 32 says:

      Anyone notice the green eyes in the background at 3:21?

    • Aer /// says:

      Natasha UwU sobin has a similar story from V in BU, they both got trap but V got by his own will in singularly ( u see that more in v’s VCR from the love yourself concert a similar scene from here ) while soobin does it by force, by the cat with different eyes, that’s why V has the save me in fake love MV and sobin said it here. That’s a metaphor about hiding your own voice, to trap ur true self. U can even see that message on the song on the back while sobin it’s trapped.

    • jungshook says:

      You guys are geniuses-

  6. Ƥαlσмα says:

    This boys can do everything. Sing, dance, rap, act… They are so talented;(

  7. TANISHA says:

    imma feelin’ so dumb. Everyone’s making theories & look at me….im just readin’ them. Useless brain of mine

  8. Abdul Hameed Mohdammed says:

    Based on my theory
    Eternity means endless , timeless , just going on never stoping
    The 4 r dead but soobin can’t believe it he sees them in dream but when he tries to go near them he wakes up ( trapped in box 📦 the world 🌎 )
    He remembers how we used to play and now they r all gone .
    They r trying to explain time is endless but human r not they can stop ✋ any time so,
    He tries to remember them through his imagination,thoughts ,dreams ,pic ,videos .
    But can’t reach them becoz he is trapped in this world .
    EDIT : they said in the lyrics we all plays the roles determined to our fate and when the role is over they go away
    So the world is a stage and we r all who plays the role and stop ( leave ) when our time is over but TIME never stops it keeps going it is ENDLESS that is what ETERNITY.

  9. dmn_sly says:

    Soobin: [completely fine]
    Music: eerie

    Soobin: [gets trapped in a box with no escape]
    Music: cue awkward elevator tune

  10. Just Ella says:


  11. Evelyn Mae says:

    that morse code is so sad :(( “save me” and “SOS”… idk anything about this plot but girl this is crazy

  12. CrazyCookieCake 365 says:

    Okay this is my theory.

    When they were teenagers in school they found the doors to the magic island. But they didnt want to leave and had fun every day so the island trapped them there. That’s why the door got burnt down in in Run Away.

    In the song Run Away they wished to be able to run away from all of their problems and have fun together forever, that’s why they kept on using the term be my eternity in the song. They wanted their friendship to be there forever.

    Also when Soobin was drawing the door in Run Away you can see he writes the words forever next to door and there is a drawing of a fire underneath the door as well. In the MV when soobin put the glasses on it showed magic circle meaning that the spell has been casted.

    The boys not knowing that they were trapped there continued to play there until Soobin realised that something wasnt right but when he tried to reach out to the others they started ignoring him not wanting their fun to end.

    The island must have gotten mad at them for trying to break the spell and the promise they made in nap of the star and separated them in the fires and punished them with different oddities

    You can see the island getting mad when the fires started to spread and they are hit by I think a ‘train’ and are holding the parts where their oddities formed and when that happened they probably lost all memories of each other so they didnt remember the promise they made in Nap of the Star.

    Horns: he carried around a plush that must have been important but left it next to a fire which then burnt it
    Odd eye: dont know why yet but remember that Taehyun carried a telescope with him in the Nap of the Star MV
    Shoulder spikes: don’t know why yet
    Wings: he was holding a dragon fly in the magic island mv
    Elf ears: his ears kept on ringing probably his conscious telling him that he was in danger and the island got rid of it.

    In this the Morse code is spelling out SOS and that’s probably Soobin trying to make himself aware about what is happening

    Also the Angel or Devil MV must have been all of the members conscious’ trying to decide whether to stay in a ignorant bliss or get back to reality.

    At the end of Nap of the Star it said that the star re awoke and something magical was about to happen and that was probably them getting their memories of each other back

    Another note the girl that was kn the magic island MV was probably the ghost they were texting each other about and she was probably trying to warn them to be careful.

    Yeah sorry if you think this theory is utter bullshit you can point out any mistakes or anything

  13. Вишня Ким Тэхен says:

    Почему я не вижу русских?!Русские поднимите актив !!

  14. Jasmin Eun says:

    I’ve been watching these boys since their predebut. txt storyline seems interesting to me since the artist that I stan have a good storyline too. it might be a dark concept but not in a whole dark setting, the story itself might be dark since soobin being left out from his circles of friends and it turns out he’s dreaming. interesting, i love this! ive watched and keeping eyes on them since their predebut, is it late to say that im a moa now? i don’t wanna rush in stanning them but this trailer seems interesting and kudos to soobin’s acting. also, i love beomgyu 😭

  15. YUH YUH says:

    Can we appreciate Taehyun’s “this is my drama” like wtf

  16. Shriya Shrestha says:

    Bighit: releases this masterpiece

    me: spends the next 3 hours digging through Reddit posts, youtube txt universe theory videos, etc so that I could get a better understanding all while crying bc the storyline is so deep.

    also, can we take a fat minute to appreciate all the storylines Bighit has given us whoever has been coming up with these should be writing moviES

  17. duchess txt says:

    My theory : Soobin has mental problems, he’s trying to tell the members the forest was set on fire by him. But he can’t seem to tell them due to them fooling around

    • Lachimo Lala says:

      duchess txt why mental problems? I dont think its THAT deep

    • Aer /// says:

      duchess txt sobin has a similar story from V in BU, they both got trap but V got by his own will in singularly ( u see that more in v’s VCR from the love yourself concert a similar scene from here ) while soobin does it by force, by the cat with different eyes, that’s why V has the save me in fake love MV and sobin said it here. That’s a metaphor about hiding your own voice, to trap ur true self. U can even see that message on the song on the back while sobin it’s trapped.

  18. Little Chicken says:

    New fans: Who is the visual?
    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Soobin: Hi
    Yeonjun: Hi
    Beomgyu: Hi
    Taehyun: Hi
    Kai: Hi
    New fans: ok i got it

  19. Pink Laces says:

    This trailer had me smiling in the first minute, then boom I’m crying. Bighit always messes with my emotions like this

  20. Aisha says:

    My theory:

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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