Ty Burrell Fears Sudden Death While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Ty Burrell Fears Sudden Death While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Ty Burrell is one of TV’s most iconic dads, playing Phil Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family. Unfortunately, that in no way prepares him for the wings of death. Fearing for his life, the actor gamely navigates the Scoville obstacle course, discussing everything from fry sauce, to Karl Malone, to his Mouth Feelings podcast along the way.

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55 Responses

  1. p3tr0l says:

    As I’ve aged, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for nice people. Mr. Burrell seems like a class act, well done.

  2. TomFoolery says:

    did he “phil the wrath of dunfeat!” when he ate the hot wings?!?? ..im sorry

  3. psycold says:

    No Instagram account? I like this guy.

  4. Dom DG says:

    Childish Gambino if possible!

  5. 6nts1hts says:

    Would love to see Bill Burr here.

  6. Charlie Romanov says:

    Get Chadwick Boseman!!!!

  7. Greg Madden says:

    Still hands down the best interview show in history. I have never in my life seen guests give so much credit for research. Almost every guest has a moment when they just go Wow, how did you even know that lol love those moments. Keep the heat coming.

  8. Thomas Clifford says:

    You get my respect when you get your moment at the end and you give a shout out to a charity. Classy boy Ty.

  9. Nicholas Haafke says:


    • oof says:

      We should gangstalk Sean Evans until he gets Reviewbrah on the show and they do a shortwave radio ASMR about Burger King and old suits

  10. Endyo says:

    I think what makes Ty Burrell so amazing is that he’s byfar the person who makes me laugh most on Modern Family but in reality he’s the most average guy ever.

    Also, I think it would be cool if you guys could put up at least one or two or the links to the content that the guests push in the description text.

    • countys32 says:

      You know he plays a character on T.V it’s called acting, you’re an idiot stating the obvious and the people who like your dumb comment which by the way made very little sense are also idiots because Youtube is full of fucking idiots.

    • patrickmorin100 says:

      dam dog chillout

    • personal_deity 56 says:

      I met Ty a couple years ago and he was totally like this in person. Just looked like your average dude, he was very humble, and generally just easy to talk to.

    • Thomas Newton says:

      countys32 who put hot sauce in your cereal? Damn dude chill fr

    • Abram Carreon Hernandez says:

      countys32 someone’s mad for no reason 😂

  11. Kristian Albrigt says:

    The audio effects when guests realize they’re past the breaking point is always on point, great job!

    • Matthew Hill says:

      The editing in this show is really crisp in general, I’m really impressed by the amount of effort they put in. It really shows

  12. bellajenella says:

    Get David Harbour

  13. Selena Thomas says:

    Yes never have high expectations cause we are imperfect and are destined not to reach it. Most of us won’t. And some things aren’t in our control.

  14. Yoo Dabba Dabba says:


  15. KC Pelletier says:

    Can we get Karl Pilkington?

  16. Pughie2599 says:

    Lil Dicky has a new single out next week and new album single soon get him on!!!

  17. TheBlarggle says:

    How many chickens’ deaths do you think this show is responsible for by now?

    There’s what? 22 episodes a season and 20 wings per episode. So that’s 10 chickens an episode.

    So, by this episode, and on screen only, that’s what? 1020 chickens? I wonder what your average wing bar goes through in a week.

    I should have invested in the chicken industry or something.

    edit – Just left this video and went to facebook and there was a news story about the chicken industry tanking. Two things I’ve learned… I’m glad I didn’t invest in the chicken industry I guess, and fuck you Google for being creepy about tracking the shit I type. Eat a dick with your stalker algorithm.

    • Dakota Taylor says:

      TheBlarggle 20 wings is 5 chickens. Each single wing is half of a full wing. So only 510 chickens are dead front Sean and the guests

  18. Cin3mattic says:

    The one episode i never knew i really wanted

  19. The_Jimboblion says:

    Bo Burnham please?

  20. pablo lantigua says:

    Sean always talking in sayings bruh

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