Ty Dolla $ign – Pineapple feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo [Music Video]

Ty Dolla $ign – Pineapple feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo [Music Video]

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Director: David Camarena
Producer: Eric McGlothern

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63 Responses

  1. Basketball Spotlight says:


  2. Farinha says:

    *Portugal? ❤️*

  3. Marsellis says:

    That pineapple lit asf!!!

  4. Gomipollo xd says:

    Bro this shit so lit ? RIP X

  5. Golf Wang says:

    Gucci the Goat

  6. Ismael Conceição says:

    Paga meu dinheiro bro, não quero seu abacaxi!

  7. AlishaSoSweet Taylor says:

    ????? “She might need a chiropractor, I’mma beat her back out” ??????❤️ #gucci #slaps

  8. Long Live Barry says:

    I think everybody here tryna find out who shorty at 0:43 is ?

  9. theproducermic says:

    *Had to cut Gucci’s shots down because they clowned his outfit. lol.*

  10. yOung jhOna says:

    Mainstream music smh

  11. Lyrical Myracle says:

    This trio fire asf really tho

  12. Snap dos Rappers says:

    Raffa Moreira

  13. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato says:

    the other night at 2 am ; i couldn’t sleep ..i had some thoughts weighing heavy on my mind ..so i made a song reflective on some bridges i may have burned..if someone would take a listen, that’d be cool..thank you. -joey

  14. BirdGang says:

    Imma need instagram names for every female in this video I got a lot of research going on

  15. UG SethGoneAllPro says:

    Rest in peace X ?

  16. Xandre says:

    sounds like “its going down” from Xxxtentacion but okay

    • Luis Lito says:

      Trillock Watty x was just finding himself ya dont understand ya font know music and the value look at his numbers hating bruu stop hating and work on yourself instead of talking shit about others and want to hear youu make music? his music impacted many ppl respect that they found sum out x music! x music forever live

    • Mist says:

      Trillock Watty

      ? you idiot. She admitted (the girl who you claimed X beat the crap out off) that she was lying. She later dropped charges. Xxxtentacion was released later and she was even at his memorial service. You don’t know shit!

    • GewoonOmar says:

      Xandre this song was released before x’s death

    • Trillock Watty says:

      All I can gather Mist, is that she has a damaged eye socket, and is trying to get funds for surgery. Apparently she was kicked out when she tried to leave stuff at the memorial service. Also although his house arrest was lifted, he was still awaiting trial for the alleged assault on her. This depends on what news media you look at. But he looked like a turnip, and apparently acted like one. You don’t know shit dear….

    • Trillock Watty says:

      Ummmm Luis what is that all about ? Because I don’t speak a rappers attempt at English, so It’s hard to understand, so you must be a rap lover, because they don’t make any sense either.
      I have no regard for rappers and their crap speak, or what you and they call music.

  17. Eternal Doge says:

    I love pineapple

  18. El Goose says:

    Shout out to the melon that gave this song a pineapple/10.

  19. Mato says:

    ohh nice song! and the women are mine!:DD

  20. Isha Rakhan says:


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