Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky (Official Video)

Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky (Official Video)

Listen to the single “Freaky Deaky”. Out Now!
Stream: https://music.empi.re/freakydeaky

#Tyga #DojaCat #FreakyDeaky

Official Video by Tyga & Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky © 2022 Kemosabe / RCA Records / EMPIRE

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33 Responses

  1. Doja Rexha says:


  2. rapidsongs says:

    She ate per usual, she never disappoints. Their collabs are the best

  3. MafiaTheViper Ent says:

    Tyga music videos are always fire.. 🔥🔥 song is lit too

  4. misstropicanna14 says:

    Doja is a QUEEN! It’s been such a pleasure to watch her go from So High to this. What a transformation! And I never had a single doubt she’d take over! This is a killer duo! Instant hit!

  5. Shasha Vengesayi says:

    There is no one working harder than Doja in the music industry rn. She stays consistently giving us amazing visuals, flawless vocals and choreography, as well as great music ofcourse

  6. THE KULT CREW says:

    Doja is getting more and more beautiful with every drop!!

  7. Tebogo Sebobi says:

    I swear this woman releases a bop everytime!! I’ll never get tired of her music❤

  8. khenzoll says:

    This Woman rocks EVERYTHING.

  9. Yanga Batayi says:

    I like how you can hear both musicians sound, no one is featuring, they combined both their sound and it’s amazing 😍. Also Doja’s visuals??! 🔥😭

  10. J L says:

    Que clipe lindo, te amo Doja.

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