Tyga On Losing Kylie Jenner, Rob & Blac Chyna, False Rumors & More

Tyga On Losing Kylie Jenner, Rob & Blac Chyna, False Rumors & More

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20 Responses

  1. Joy A says:

    Tyga is one more bad decision away from being on love n hip hop hollywood

  2. Ronald Shields says:

    Tyga successfully blocked each and every one of Charlamagne’s negative energy chakras.

  3. Valerie Vlogs says:

    I got mad respect for tyga. He split with both of them, Kylie and Blac Chyna, but he ain’t like all the other boys calling them hoes afterwards. He stayed calm and handled the situation great

  4. Winston W says:

    Tyga actually seem like a real cool dude. Still not buying his album though.

  5. Doitluhklikeimlefofbadnboohe says:

    Tyga finally gets a W.. Salute.

  6. UglyAss Greg says:

    Charlemagne so thirsty 😂
    He was low-key frustrated he couldn’t get a reaction outta Tyga lol
    The thirst was legit cringe worthy

  7. Ralph Lauren says:

    respect to tyga for this honestly hes a nice guy

  8. Ms. Chocolate says:

    He looks like Ludacris,Bow Wow,R. Kelly and my cousin when she takes her wig off

  9. Nee Houdou says:

    I’m no Tyga fan, but he handled those questions very well. S/O to his media coach!

  10. mattgotjokes says:

    Tyga lowkey handled all 3 of em. They tried so hard to make him crack but met with a cool temperament, he just made them look thirsty.

  11. Toraino Floyd says:

    Charlemagne is so fucking annoying man

  12. wynter king says:

    i feel like its 2003 again with tyga’s look today…😂☺

  13. Franklyn Coaxum says:

    CTG: “How many tracks on the mixtape?”

    Tyga: “Uhh 16”

    CTG: “You don’t think you should have 18, just to be sure”

    YOOO Charlamagne haha stop! Dude is way too clever.

  14. #RhymingOverBeats says:

    I don’t understand why Kylie Jenner is seen as a prize…I feel like I’m missing something.

  15. Cory Smith says:

    “So when did you realize she was next?…”Mr. Ahead of the curve” 😂😂😂

  16. MasjaAuberyona says:

    “You was with her through all the surgeries” 😂 tyga the real MVP for keeping a straight face

  17. Eryn Wade says:

    Why do i feel like tyga is at the family get together getting questioned by uncles and aunties 😂

  18. Swaggy P says:

    Tyga is finally out of the sunken place.

  19. Edgar Loe says:

    Charlemagne acting like Kylie is Halle Berry, the chick is a transformer.

  20. Nediahn Santos says:

    People hated on this man for no reason. He’s cute in a weird way? Anyways, I love how he kept cool calm and collective.

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