Tyga — Shockingly Candid About Kylie Breakup

Tyga — Shockingly Candid About Kylie Breakup

Tyga stunned us at LAX Friday, with his words and facial expressions that at least partially explain his breakup with Kylie.

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19 Responses

  1. fatboyRAY24 says:

    Tyga just saved his life by leaving that family

  2. Young Nipples says:

    Probably was texting a tranny.

  3. Sayeed Morgan says:

    “She was getting to old for me.”

  4. Kenne5antione says:

    Ladies please take a good look…this is a fine fuckboy specimen right here!

    Neck tattoos, got a stripper pregnant, dates younger women because women
    his age are too mentally developed to deal with his bullshit, another man
    is spending more time with his child, every sentence that comes out his
    mouth is a quote you can find on tumblr. Smh

  5. WHITEOUTbomber8 says:

    He’s so babyfaced lmao looks like a tatted 16 year old

  6. paul archibald says:

    now he can do his show in Brazil haha awesome.

  7. CossandraCastle says:

    Is that cocky ass A.E. from 4Deep next to him? LMAO I thought he would have
    stopped chasing pipe dreams and got a 9 to 5 by now.

  8. Demarcus Lewis says:

    his bitch ass is hurt

  9. Hafizul Faizal says:

    this nigga tyga never had a rap career lmao the only reason he was at least
    a lil famous was cuz of Kylie n now she left too lmao poor tyga RIP ur
    career bro.

  10. Dov says:

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  11. Omg Galaxy says:

    In what way is this video trending?

  12. BeatMaxine says:

    This dude is from the valley he ain’t all that

  13. young D. says:

    Respeck respeck tyga for this

  14. Rosa Mendez says:

    Tyga is the guy that always has his mouth open. Waking with mouth open.
    Breathing with mouth open. Reading with mouth open. Sleeping with mouth
    open. It’s like his lips are too big to stay shut idk. Every other picture
    i see of him his mouth is open

  15. ANON YMOUS says:

    Kris said he didn’t make enough money to pimp her daughter anymore so she
    pulled the plug. Disgusting whores.

  16. MikeTheProject says:

    he sound like he sat in a Kanye interview recently

  17. Ivann Lopezz says:

    i would of Blown some Kush Smoke on that Camera

  18. THE SONIC GUYS says:

    Could’ve Sworn i seen this Guy B4

  19. oh my oh my says:

    Fuck you, TMZ. You suck.