Tyler Fernengel BMX Session: Silverdome

Tyler Fernengel BMX Session: Silverdome

CLICK for the full story behind his session: http://win.gs/TylerFernengelSilverdome
Tyler Fernengel – an up and coming BMX star – sessions the abandoned Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, making the desolate stadium his own playground. Fernegel, a native of Wyandotte, Michigan, just south of the Motor City, grew up going the best sports spectaculars at the stadium, and even raced Supercross there as a young boy. At 16, Fernengel turned pro after releasing several web edits detailing his remarkable skills as a street style BMX competitor.

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20 Responses

  1. terratrodder says:

    Badass video!

  2. James Ballmer says:

    #tylerfernengel #bmx #pontiacsilverdome #puremichigan #redbull 

  3. InFa Knighty says:


  4. marioneTTe HD says:

    Nunca me cansare de ver este video.

  5. Ted Kent says:

    Great job. I really do need to know where I can get this song though

  6. Abraham Rea says:

    +Bman1143 this is sick!

  7. wrifraff says:

    The first place a monster truck ever crushed a car. The debut of Bigfoot.
    What a shame to see this amazing piece of Michigan history sit and rot.
    Awesome video.

  8. DeviantEDM says:

    I remember going here as a kid, video sends chills down my spine.

  9. siunekk says:

    Sick riding ! People from red bull fans, i need this song

  10. vashful338 says:

    Try it on 4K.

  11. Marshall Jackson says:

    Since when is “session” a verb?

  12. PierreKiwiz says:

    Will you make a behind the scenes?

  13. Christer Ødegård Pedersen says:

    *Professional BMX rider Tyler Fernengel turned what’s left of the Detroit
    Silverdome into his own personal BMX track. Fernengal paid tribute to the
    stadium where he raced Supercross as a child, finding perfect jumps an
    ledges at every turn*

    #BMX #Silverdome #Detroit 

  14. RV Henretty-Jornales says:

    Jesus-fucking-Christ, what is in the drinking water that all you East-side
    boys are drinking! Fucking gnarly!

  15. Nikitas Psi says:

    Omg,what a video! *-*

  16. grenadePQ says:

    Lol what exactly was achieved there? The lions sucking?

  17. The Driver says:

    too long video = boring!

  18. Kickerlegends says:

    Habt ihr schon dieses sensationelle Video vom Silverdome in Pontiac
    (Detroit) gesehen?

    Das Stadion, welches über lange Jahre den Rekord für die meisten Zuschauer
    bei einem Indoor-Event hielt, steht seit einigen Jahren leer, wird nicht
    mehr genutzt und verfällt zunehmend. Für die Älteren unter uns: Während der
    Fußball-WM 1994 in den USA wurden hier vier Spiele ausgetragen.

    Wie findet ihr das Video? Uns erinnert das Ganze ja irgendwie an ein
    Post-Apokalypse-Szenario oder gar verlassene Orte wie Prypjat. Beklemmend
    und faszinierend zugleich.

    Link zum Video:

  19. Karsten Hünich says:

    What´s the name of the song in the backround?

  20. Jack Ross says:

    how do you do that to a statudim