Types of People During the Holidays

Types of People During the Holidays

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The holiday season always seem to give birth to so many types of people! Check out this collab where we go through all the types of people you’ll see this Christmas! Including The Grinch because I’m original. Enjoy xo

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep smiling =D !

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20 Responses

  1. Molly Bhamvra says:


  2. PinkyAndPerky says:

    I also LOVED that video, it brought my day up…

  3. Mia Madison says:

    His names is frosty not fetty wap???

  4. xxMusicFreakxx says:

    Lily and Joey… I’m cringing.

  5. Yaoi/loving/Otaku says:

    My mouth was open the whole time during the grinch scene.

  6. Sandra Borelli says:

    Fuckin tre ???????????? dEd

  7. Lenroy Barriffe says:

    Santa’s Birthday??????? I think you’re confusing him with someone else.

  8. Tiffany Hsiung says:

    Yes I knew she would do a collab with Joey gracceffa and also Lilly it
    would be super cool if you did a collab with wassabi productions and Ryan

  9. Tricks the nerd says:

    That first one is so ….my god. HEHEE

  10. Marquita Washington says:

    OMG Tre Melvin is hilarious for that. This video is the best!!!!! ???

  11. Awesomness 25 says:

    lol! the guy in number 1

  12. Janet V says:

    His name is Frosty, not Fetty Wap!!! Bahahaha??

  13. Raima Faille says:

    ? pranced is famous! He has his own movie!!

  14. Cheyan Alanis says:


  15. Victoria Barnes says:

    Tre as the Grinch is perfect hahahah

  16. Shrunoti Karpe says:

    Does anybody else feels that when lilly is in front of video waLL the
    camera is continously adjusting focus? Look at the wall

  17. SmileItsMe says:

    1:44 – 2:26 I just lost my shit already oml

  18. Alexzandrea White says:

    Omg is just me or in the first part of the video was anyone else reading
    her new wall??????????

  19. dea bekteshi says:

    the grinch is the funniest thing that has hapened to this channel since
    types of flirting.

  20. Morgan Carrier says:

    This is AMAZING???