Types of People in Drive Thrus

Types of People in Drive Thrus

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46 Responses

  1. loveliveserve says:

    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ ?

    Subscribe to RØB: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertEntertains

  2. Zach Miller says:

    This guy deadass said “lemme get a large CapriSun!” ???

  3. GreenCrocodile says:

    Literally nobody:

    Rhino: you said what?

  4. Hubz Rabbit says:

    “You said what”

  5. Joseph Hancock says:

    Literally just got off of my McDonald’s shift to see how accurate this was ???

  6. Neo Galaxy14 says:

    Do living with NLE Choppa or if nle Choppa was in ur class

  7. Adior May says:

    “The reacher” is my mom all the time lol and my dad is “The person who shouldn’t order for everyone”

  8. MemesAMillionz says:

    This man got beats and put a pen in the headphones and made a mic I’m dead lmao ?

  9. chikostick Squad says:

    Lmao “the person that rlly should not be ordering fast food”

  10. P 1 says:

    I just came back from work aka McDonald’s this is 10000000% percent accurate

  11. the._.introvert._ says:

    My *SON* wants a happy meal

    Rhino: Boy or girl.


  12. Bryan Ruiz says:


    Customer: Is the ice cream machine working?

    Employee: Nah obviously not.

    Me: ???

  13. Brian Bvsed says:

    I’m definitely the deaf person taking the order ??

  14. Jdjdjdj says:

    2:34 Noah: My SON wants a happy meal.
    Rhino: Boy or girl?

  15. Goddly Unicorn says:

    The blind guy one, couldn’t stop laughing for awhile???

  16. Red-X agar says:

    U forgot the driver who has there window not working and they have to open the whole door to order food that’s my sister car ??

  17. cookie w says:

    He said “do it look like I got left of bad and boujee”????????

  18. γogi Constan?ine says:

    Customer: is the ice cream machine working?

    Drive thru employee: *n- obviously not*

  19. 100 subs With no vids challenge says:

    My man added a pen to his headset for a mic I’m ded ??

  20. Sheh says:

    6:13 *”Do I look like I got left on bad and boujee” had me rolling.*

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