Types of Sports Fans

Types of Sports Fans

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Types of Sports Fans


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42 Responses

  1. Jos3ph Gam3s says:

    Tik tok

    U already know

  2. Tiff Tiff says:

    Omg this video is actually a combination of both my Favorite channels yeeeeeees!

  3. Rim says:

    I miss Tuffy tho

  4. G Sutphin says:

    The second one is my whole family

  5. younglock24 says:

    Who did you cheer for Golden state or Raptors I cheered for RAPTORS

  6. Hassan Abdul says:

    Bro do living wit NLE Choppa please it would be soo funny
    Like if you agree

    Spelled like wrong the first time

  7. Maria Chavez says:

    15:30 Did they reuse the clip from types of parents

  8. Kane Hayes says:

    “What’d you play, science fair?”??

  9. Micah Potts says:

    “What’s your Pet’s name?” lolz

  10. LolĪtz_ Mar says:

    Tik Tok

    Bet they won’t heart this

  11. AproXx Gaming says:

    I saw a waiter in ihop that looked exactly like noah?

  12. Lilpump UziZ says:

    TikTok- “Did you hear brice harper is actually going to liverpool”

    “and you know evertons goalkeeper sydney crosby got injured”

    this actually had me dead

  13. Owen Taylor says:

    TIk Tok I watched Till the very end

  14. Micah Potts says:

    Brouah why everyone be talkin’ ’bout Tik Tok tho?

  15. Country KRJ says:

    Tic Tok

    I love y’all this much

  16. Brandon Peralta says:

    “Are you at the right place”
    *yeah* *ARE YOU?* ????

  17. Devlin Wideman says:

    Who think this was 100 percent accurate

  18. Mystical Unpredictable says:

    *The guy that thinks the players can hear him through the TV*


    My Dad

  19. Anwar Delatour says:

    Me : I’m so bored
    LLS: dropped a new video

  20. Snqwman says:

    Hockey doesnt really bandwagon, everyone just roasts other fanbases

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