Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson | UFC 209 HIGHLIGHTS

Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson | UFC 209 HIGHLIGHTS

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Who won the rematch between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson? Watch all the best moments from the UFC 209 main event.

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20 Responses

  1. Conor Mcgregor is the Double Champ & that's that! says:

    Conor would butcher both these bums. #3WeightWorldChampion

  2. Jordan Schlansky says:

    *Masvidal will take that title.*

  3. PunjabiBall3r says:

    Trump supporter got laid out by Woodley.

  4. Java Man says:

    😂😂😂 Stevy fans mad as fook.same way Tyrons fans felt the 1st match so deal with it.they aint no trilogy Woodley all the way up!!

  5. xxAB23 says:

    Both “fighters” deserved to lose. Honestly was hoping for another draw. The only good thing that came from this fight was knowing the winner is going to get destroyed by Jorge Masvidal.

  6. When you nut in a milkdud sock says:

    You can’t lose if you don’t fight – Tyron Woodley

  7. Conor Mcgregor is the Double Champ & that's that! says:

    After this performance by Tyron Woodley he should get on his knees, give the belt to Conor McGregor and beg for mercy. #TheTripleChamp

  8. jakc3d says:

    You guys still think Conor can beat Woodley?

  9. BobbySee says:

    UFC 209 would’ve still been saved if the Diaz Brothers were on.

  10. SCZHeritage 16 says:

    Worst main event of all time

  11. rapinbatches says:

    and this is why I don’t order UFC ppvs anymore. they never give you your money’s worth and half the card gets cancelled. this fight was trash. until McGregor comes back they won’t get my money. at least I know he will put on a show worth watching.

  12. Christopher Wheeler says:

    The UFC this year so far has been full of poor fights and bad judging. I see a boycott coming soon

  13. STANLY IPkiss says:

    wonderboy got robbed he did better in this fight then he did in the last one and they give it to woodly lol foh….

  14. Mad ZaRro says:

    Woodley clearly won this fight…and the fuckers can keep hating on him… This guy is a beast

  15. JWine NDine says:

    Woodley vs Masvidal, now that would be interesting!

  16. Terra Incognita says:

    Glad I saved my $60.

  17. Something Clever says:

    Wonderboy may have “won” the fight. But if you want to take the belt from the champ you need to TAKE it. Any “close” decision should always go to the champ imho

  18. Marcos Guerrero says:

    there’s not allot of White ufc know it all’s, in the comment section today😂😂

  19. B Allen says:

    l don’t remember people being this harsh on GSP when he was gifted a decision on Hendricks.

  20. dudefacial says:

    Did Wonderboy knock Tyrone down? Did he take Tyrone down? I’ll wait. Wonderboy did no damage. No take downs. No knockdowns. How is everyone saying he won? Wonderboy was the only to be in trouble. That isn’t a win people. You can’t get the win against someone on the scorecard if you never hurt them and they hurt you. Obviously you aren’t the better fighter. People just want Wonderboy because of his fake good guy personality, yes fake. You can tell from his interviews. He sounds scripted. If you could hear Wonderboys thoughts, I think we all would be surprised

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