Tyson Fury Calls Out Francis Ngannou After Highlight Reel KO of Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury Calls Out Francis Ngannou After Highlight Reel KO of Dillian Whyte

Watch #tysonfury post fight intv after he beat #dillianwhyte in the main event of #furywhyte and then calls out MMA Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, The junior lightweight division will crown a king on Saturday, April 30, when WBC champion Oscar Valdez (30-0, 23 KOs) takes on WBO king Shakur Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Valdez-Stevenson, an eight-round lightweight co-feature between U.S. Olympic silver medalist Keyshawn Davis and Esteban Sanchez, and Nico Ali Walsh versus Alejandro Ibarra in a four-round middleweight special attraction will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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31 Responses

  1. ian Budget RC says:

    I’m a huge fan of Francis Ngannou but seeing Tyson Fury getting him paid big (which he deserves) melts my heart, man.
    Fury is such a kind sportsman.

    • Aaron Moore says:

      @J Dong Wilder would knock Ngannou out in a boxing match

    • Larry Tate says:

      @J Dong Nganou couldn’t hit Gane, you think he’s touching Fury?

    • Ray Ramirez says:

      @chinedu orazu Wilder had so manny wins , almost all by knockout and no losses but Wladimir was the only proper heavyweight?

    • 1988 when it started says:

      @Vendetta Fury got about $40m for this fight, has about $150m in the bank – he don’t need the money bro. Ngannou has earned about $4m tops in his whole life. Ngannou can manage 3 to 5 rounds, Fury can go 12… it’s a no contest, Ngannou not fit to lace Fury’s boots.

    • Paul Atreides says:

      @The Bringer yea hes the first poor millionaire your right

  2. Dawn of the Dead says:

    Tyson is such a well knowledgeable and spoken person. After a long career, he should be an analyst. The man is humble, funny and loveable.

  3. AcidGlow says:

    There’s still time after the Joshua vs Usyk match to fight that winner for All the Belts. Then in mid 2023, they could do Tyson vs Francis match. 👀

    • TornadoF60 says:

      There is no chance for Ngannou in a real Boxing Match against Fury !

    • Ian Davies says:

      @Joshua Rivas Joshua has been er avoided him 😂 he’s never been his mandatory. When you’ve got three titles fella you fight whoever the federations want you to fight.
      Wilder beat a past prime Ortiz anyway and that’s by far his most accomplished win…

    • Joshua Rivas says:

      @Ian Davies Luis Ortiz.. the guy Joshua avoided lol

    • Joshua Rivas says:

      @Archie Sutherland they would be easier fights. Especially, Joshua.. flat footed, smaller and slower with a lower IQ. There’s nothing joshua does better than fury imo

  4. wink says:

    “Have ye got a big corey?”
    “Huh?” Tyson had me rolling with laughter with that one catching the big man off guard

  5. bledredwine says:

    We all love Tyson Fury. He’s charismatic, unabashedly himself, respectful, skilled, well-spoken, and has been through the lowest of lows. How can you not respect that?

  6. Dr Savage says:

    It landed like a 🍑- Tyson Fury – 2022 Nuff Said! ABSOLUTELY undeniable!

  7. LaazrGaming says:


  8. Rossy-𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е🔞 says:

    What a personality Tyson has… Apart from his greatness in the ring the guy is a pure showman. This fight will be huge. Very easy predictable Fury win, but let Francis get his check, plus his power is unmatched and if somehow he connect a shot it will be interesting.

  9. yoyotupac says:

    Well, we know Francis is officially sticking it to the UFC.

  10. iJobama says:

    Talking about the referee doing a good job because one more punch could’ve left Dillian disabled
    Also taking on Francis Ngannou in a fight with MMA gloves. Absolute mad lad, go on Tyson!

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