Tyson Fury gets nasty gash in win over Otto Wallin | Fight Highlights

Tyson Fury gets nasty gash in win over Otto Wallin | Fight Highlights

See the highlights from #TysonFury’s victory over challenger #OttoWallin, which featured Fury overcoming an early eye injury.

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49 Responses

  1. Dave D says:

    I’m only here for the comments???

  2. iJobama says:

    “Can’t go swimming and not get wet” – Tyson Fury

  3. Nereik says:

    Its heavy weight boxing. Fighting anyone in the top 50 can be a hard fight. It amazes me how people dont understand that.

    • Greg Devlin says:

      @Barone B no thats not my point at all, my point is you cant write anyone off in pro boxing. Who was ruiz before the aj fight, just some fat mexican to most people that aj was going to steamroll through but low and behold he beats aj the number 1world heavyweight in dramatic fashion. So you cant overlook any of these heavyweight fighters is my point, and as i read in one comment your a nobody until your a somebody. Thats ruiz to a tee. And for the record AJ wins the rematch against ruiz.

    • Jason Landers says:

      @James Poole it is if the no1 suffers a mental early above the eye cut. These heavyweights throw bombs, an eye socket is an eye socket.

    • sum moner says:

      Heavy weight boxing is so boring to watch.

    • Gabriel Gonzalez says:

      Nereik stfu top 50 vs a top 3 fighter? Fury had to go to a decision against a tomato can ?‍♂️

  4. Wolf Man says:

    Did Fury just go 12 rounds with a tomato can?

  5. David Dice says:

    Man man man Boys Otto did it for his father!!! ALL IN…. real good fight!And Furys cutman holy moly what a Boss xD

  6. Matthew Thompson says:

    On ESPN friday tyson said he didnt watch any Wallin fights to prepare.

  7. Tony Lawlor says:

    Tyson, I’ll be back in a flash with a sash for your gash.

  8. Holy Cow says:

    Fury’s problem is he does not have knockout power. Wilder, Joshua and Ruiz would have knocked out Wallin.

  9. kevin mahon says:

    The Value of a Good Cut Man.

  10. CAMPUTE says:

    referee looks like a butcher with all fury blood on his apron ???

  11. Jonathan Ang says:

    He won because he is much bigger in size. Wallin gave him hard times but in sport size does matter.

  12. Ed Win says:

    Furys cutman deserve a bonus check. Without him they absolutely would’ve stopped the fight.

  13. PROUD AFRICAN says:

    Good fight!!! Very much enjoyed it. I want to see Wallin again but he needs a top notch strength and conditioning coach

  14. fazerboy25 says:

    A fight between Fury and Ruiz would be very interesting.

  15. Silvafox says:

    I want to see tyson fury vs andy ruiz deontay wildler vs anthony Joshua

  16. Demitrio Martella says:

    hes so entertaining to watch. Literally like watching a movie

  17. C Ramirez says:

    Best fury/wallin highlights video

    Wallin a meanie but couldnt take the
    of the gypsy king

  18. Puppet lover says:

    Best fury/wallin highlights video Wallin a meanie but couldnt take the fury of the gypsy king

  19. Ford F-150 says:

    Why is this on trending YouTube?

  20. A noice doggo says:

    This mans pain tolerance tho ?

    I like feel sorry for anyone who has to match him

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