Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III | WEIGH-IN | PBC ON FOX

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III | WEIGH-IN | PBC ON FOX

WBC champion Tyson Fury and former champ Deontay Wilder weigh-in before their epic trilogy fight tomorrow live on PPV. PREORDER #FuryWilder3 PPV here: https://foxs.pt/3hqeVSQ

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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III | WEIGH-IN | PBC ON FOX


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42 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    Who do you think will win in this epic trilogy finale?

  2. Ja Meson says:

    Wilder: I bench 350 pounds
    Fury: Ok sausage

  3. Ben says:

    deontay wilder mindset: memorise quotes for every question

    • Luke G. says:

      “That’s why I’m wise when choose my words.” “People be taken my words outta contracts” 😆
      He absolutely should stay focused on being silent.

    • Luke G. says:

      @Panashe nobody with any self respect or understanding of the concept of what it means to be a man is going to back someone that makes excuses, cries foul, points his finger and blames everyone but himself like a child when he loses. It’s obvious to most of us that Deontay was raised by a single mother and didn’t have a respectable father figure to teach him humility, self control, or how to be his own biggest critic growing up. If you never get over your own ego, you’ll never be any better than you are right now.

    • Luke G. says:

      @Fishermans Friend you don’t believe Usyk is “just a cruiserweight”. You know damn good and well that cat’s gonna be a major heavyweight threat for at least the next 5 years.

    • Fishermans Friend says:

      @Luke G. He will be the best!

    • Don Johnson says:

      Deontay “Peter McNeely” Wilder

  4. dawormly says:

    DW: ” to be calm is to weather the storm”

  5. Mig Ram says:

    Can’t wait for Fury to say “The Bronze Dosser” 🤣

  6. Sergey Baratov says:

    Legend says Wilder is still answering the question

  7. John Sheil says:

    Fury sounds like every traveler . Talks so much everyone has something to love and hate

  8. Llewellyn James Kinnaird says:

    “Im bench pressing a little over 350 so Whatever weight is coming in , I can lay on my back and lift him .”
    ~Deontay Wilder 2021 preparing for a BOXING MATCH.

    • Chance Hooper says:

      Well, he’s had the practice at being on his back against Fury…and of being face down. And of curling up in a corner…

    • Chance Hooper says:

      @Mr Blobby to be fair, AJ won Olympic gold four years after starting in the sport and was world champion after blasting the best heavyweight since Lewis out of the ring after about seven professional fights, so he *can* box well along with his power. Just not as well as Usyk, who is in a different league technically after 300+ amateur fights (or whatever insane number it is). He’ll change tactic for the rematch and the adage “a good big fighter beats a good small fighter” will come into play. I’d say KO in five.

    • Sebastian S. says:

      Hopefully this time he’ll be able to wear his costume this time 😂

    • Brian King says:

      And his crew will be agreeing with him the whole time 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Thread 999 says:

      It’s so he can deal with Fury practically dropping dead on top of him in the clinch until he’s forced off

  9. dlldll says:

    “I’m so calm right now I can make great decisions based in love.”
    Second later: screams primordial rage.

  10. Ryan D says:

    Fury, so good, he almost kod himself with an uppercut.

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