Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou HIGHLIGHTS 🎥 | ESPN Ringside

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou HIGHLIGHTS 🎥 | ESPN Ringside

Watch highlights of the heavyweight from between Tyson Fury and Francis Nagnou from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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36 Responses

  1. Suj says:

    Mad respect to Francis regardless of what the judges decided. That man just keeps shocking everyone with his resilience & perseverance. His life story is truly amazing & inspirational.

  2. Gdub says:

    Huge respect. Imagine your first boxing match is against the champ, the best in the sport. The nerves alone would kill most people’s chance. But he handled all of the pressure and Tyson like he’s done it a hundred times. A Debatable Split decision against Fury for your first boxing match. Insane skill shown by Francis

  3. TheGears999 says:

    Love how Francis seemed completely unphased by that elbow, what a beast. This was only his debut and he still performed THAT well. Baddest man on the planet.🤫

  4. DC777 says:

    Francis shocked the world. I now 100% respect his boxing skills. He went the limit & put down 1 of the greatest. Cant wait to see him fight again

    • Marc D says:

      One of the greatest is debatable, especially after that performance. Either Mike Tyson is a miracle worker, or the current heavyweight division is a fraud. Only one can be true…

    • Demarcus Perkins says:

      Nope not even close to the greatest. I can think of 5 other heavyweights in the 90s that would have embarrassed fury last night

  5. Brian Tuohy says:

    Nothing but respect for Francis… nobody anticipated him putting forth this level of competition. He shocked the world. I don’t necessarily think scoring a knockdown was super shocking. Everyone knows the power he possesses. But the way he went toe to toe with Fury and boxed him on such a high level was absolutely amazing. Watching live, I was definitely caught up in it, thought he should have his had raised at the end… and being honest, really wanted to see, after what he did in the ring. That said, I watched back, and I think they got it right. Fury got a lot of uneventful 10-9 (rounds you don’t want to give him because you feel he should be performing to a higher standard). But getting those preconceived notions out of your mind, he did objectively win. Still, I was in awe watching Francis box Fury, and was definitely rooting to see him shock the world at the end.

    • Ghost Detective says:

      Well I watched that fight and Fury’s other fights. This was not Tyson Fury. This was a dude that didn’t train at all and didn’t care. He got paid and that was it. He didn’t take the fight serious at all and almost lost

    • The Architect says:

      Fury goofed around for months instead of trained and still beat Francis. If there’s a rematch somehow, Fury better take it seriously

    • Xeytio says:

      @The Architectfury lost the fight officials gave it to him tho because they don’t want a mma guy to humiliate their heavyweight champion that’s gonna mess up boxing

    • Steve Kohn says:

      Exactly fury got worked and no major blows landed they just didn’t think Francis would box like that and had to cheat

    • Adrien says:

      @Ghost DetectiveHe did lose. We’ve seen time and time again judges incorrectly scoring a fight. They didn’t want fury to lose bc it would show a low lvl of boxing compared to mma. So if the fight ever went the distance they would rule in favor of Tyson regardless of the fact Francis had a knockdown and was elbowed

  6. JOHN J says:

    I’m watching MMA for 20 years, yesterday I teared up watching Francis do what he did and when he knocked Tyson down, I jumped up and screamed from the bottom of my heart. WAR FRANCIS!

  7. R’illest Talk says:

    I’m truly impressed by Ngannou’s toughness. That elbow from Fury would’ve cut most boxers leading to an early stop.

  8. Villianaire says:

    Congrats to Francis. The fans love what’s happening in this man’s life. Praying more blessings come to him and his family.

  9. Jeremy Loftis says:

    Fury wasn’t expecting the power behind that hook 😂

  10. Dome Land says:

    I didn’t even see the elbow when I was watching. More Kudos to Francis! He won that fight in everyone’s eyes

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