U.S Cases near 13,000, More Than Half In 10 counties | NBC Nightly News

U.S Cases near 13,000, More Than Half In 10 counties | NBC Nightly News

The National Restaurant Association is predicting a loss of $225 billion over the next three months if the crisis continues, meaning around seven million jobs could be lost. The Labor Department says last week it had 281,000 claims for unemployment insurance, a one-third increase from the week before.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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U.S Cases near 13,000, More Than Half In 10 counties | NBC Nightly News

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90 Responses

  1. Shakira Bells says:

    goshhhh more people dying and there still traveling that spring break is still going on this is still spreading common since frist guys

    • fenderbender12 says:

      Maybe they are not cowards.

    • dsa0224 says:

      Gotta love stupid self entitled millennials

    • Power corrupts says:

      This failure comes from the top.
      Closing down beaches is a no-brainer.
      In order to control the spread of this virus, we must all take preventative measures.
      Sharing of accurate information across all levels of government and society is required to defeat it.

    • Power corrupts says:

      If they become infected, they can bring the virus home and spread it around to their friends and family members.Failing to exercise preventative measures at the early stages of an outbreak increases the number of cases, the number of fatalities, and the duration of the outbreak.
      The economic and social consequences become much worse and last much longer.

    • cazz pharrel says:

      Well they don’t believe everything the media says so many aren’t falling for this💯

  2. john-carlos ynostroza says:

    so cities shut down a beach when there is a single shark attack, or shark sighting, or toxic water from sewage etc… But they don’t shut it down for this?

    • Sören Nilsson says:

      The people on the beach should be keept on the beach. Some of them are walking virus bombs.

    • Rick Sanchez says:

      @theory izer You can’t tell the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, so you shouldn’t be speaking either.

    • Power corrupts says:

      Yes. But these preventive measures that we take are more effective at preventing others from becoming infected.
      And that is the goal.
      To slow down the spread of this virus throughout the population. To reduce the load on our healthcare infrastructure.
      By protecting others we protect ourselves.

    • rusty nutts says:

      @Greg F., now you said the truth, they don’t believe in god,or virus.

    • William Poole says:

      Thousands of Americans die every day from heart disease. The media using scare tactics on the idiotic sheep.

  3. J. Smart says:

    Take over hotels instead of building hospitals.

  4. Gem Tree says:

    I don’t see the point in obsessing over how many has tested positive anymore.
    We should all assume we r all going to get it eventually if not already, and act responsibly not to spread it to others esp with higher risks.

  5. Patti Mease says:

    Keep all those kids on spring break exactly where they are.

  6. Ozark caveman says:

    Of course we want to stay on a Carnival ship when we are sick. All of their patients so far don’t seem to do well.

    • Janice McKee says:

      Ozark caveman – A rule of thumb is to crack open a sickroom window a few times a day for air circulation.
      Many people become ill after a cruise. The rooms/compartments are tiny, and crowding is
      the norm.

  7. AYO NAT3 says:

    2020 will bring in a new world. I see that now.

  8. Flacko Gang says:

    I can’t believe at this time of age & we…our government couldn’t stop this epidemic even knowing ahead about it….

    • 李杨 says:

      Now you believe it.

    • RegainingLife says:

      @Lorenzo S Official Infected people have been crossing our borders for a long time. Are we now finding out why border security is important? Blame the libs for calling it racist to close border and ban flights.

    • Random Thoughts and views says:

      Bill and Melinda gates had a corona virus conference in oct 2019…my gut is telling me that this was well planned out to start that depopulation goal from the world having 8. Billion people and cutting it down to 750 million people.. Agenda 21/ Useless Eaters

    • Deborah Sanchez says:

      @Chris Duane and replaced with Bernie Sanders and the “squad”, no doubt without benefit of an election.

    • cazz pharrel says:

      Didn’t Canada supposedly find the cure why is nobody talking about this?

  9. Rocko Alvarez says:

    I never thought id live see this live in motion

    • taoist40 says:

      Rocko Alvarez We are living in a dystopian movie.

    • Ben Nickels says:

      How old are you? This was all set to be in motion and mostly completed by 2030

    • Democrats killed America and I stood by & watched says:

      You never thought this could happen? Well, you better go read about war, hyperinflation, the potato blight, and car accidents, because those things can happen, too, and you probably don’t think they could ever happen either.

  10. Ringo Dallas says:

    A lot of people aren’t used to being confined at home are going to get stir crazy and filled with anxiety

    • Trumps IQ zero says:

      Seems like just last week or so ago, when trump was touting our low count of only 12 or 15 cases that would be gone in a week or twwo. Now we have 15 thousand and growing. Good work brownie!

    • Akainu Sakazuki94 says:

      Can’t stand being confined. Got not choice to get used it. Im worried about kids who don’t have no choice but to stay home.

    • Yo Hon says:

      @Michael V to get technical I did not wish it on anyone I did State I hope the people that are not protecting themselves ie Trump supporters that think they’re immune get it!

    • Yo Hon says:

      @hillbilly beer dranker if only you knew how to spell and had an education!

    • cazz pharrel says:

      For a reason though especially those who knew about the elite’s plans years ago when other’s called you crazy for believing in such a thing keeping people isolated is the only way they can execute martial law they’ve been showing you and movies, games, tv shows, etc., yet People take it as a joke.

  11. Jesse Kynett says:

    We have a bomb for every and each American citizen yet are asking doctors to use bandanas for masks. Tells you a lot about our priorities.

    • Justin Zuberka says:

      @Vance Watley you are a fool if you actually believe that

    • Lying Eyes says:

      Austin Johnson You are ignorant! The companies have been taken over! Is capitalism? How many companies have to be nationalized before people wake up and do your business here? Are you unfamiliar with the oil and metal companies we’ve fought wars over because our capitalists did business is communist countries? Educate yourself before you comment next time.

    • Cory Palmer says:

      When you build your nation off of blood and war, your nation will be destroyed by blood and war.

    • Lying Eyes says:

      Cory Palmer So true!

    • Leo M21 says:

      Lying Eyes Actually, China never received.

  12. Trumpenstein says:

    Bail out the hospitals??? They charge $500 for a 2 oz. of cotton balls.

    • chatalela says:

      Yeah, they charged me $1000 for a “breathing apparatus” that I neither saw nor used, it turned out to be a regular box of tissue. They call it a breathing apparatus in your bill, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  13. Heather Sealey says:

    It’s almost as if this should have been taken seriously weeks ago.

  14. pashrak says:

    CDC/Government/Doctors: Stay home and practice social distancing. Americans: Did you say spend your entire day going into crowded stores to shop?

  15. Jamie Wickham says:

    people always say it’s the young who aren’t taking this seriously but I’m 25 and I’m taking this more seriously than my parents who are in their 50s with health problems.

    • BornInTheUSA says:

      Jamie Wickham you are one in a million, congratulations 👏👏

    • Will G says:

      Your a young woman , those on those beaches are mostly teens high school and normal college age girls and boys ages 16-22 , I know because I am fighting this fight with my younger family members in that age bracket saying it’s not fair I dont get to live my best life like you did so f this virus, and until someone under 21 dies that was at a normal health status that is going to be thr mindset for 90% of that age bracket the biggest concern with this is stay away from grandparents and anyone in the family with underlying cancer or diseases for them.

    • RegainingLife says:

      Your parents aren’t believing in the fake news and hype. They’re smart, you’re stupid for panicking over nothing.

    • rusty nutts says:


    • cazz pharrel says:

      Good for you their fear program is working what will you do next. Self isolate in your hone because they told you so please this is all propoganda people were warned about this for years but people had a blind eye to it

  16. Debbie Young says:

    UK here: Regarding the young on Spring Break; when we were young, didn’t we all think we were ‘immortal’? What they are failing to realise is that they will bring it home to Grandma and Grandpa. Also, Italy is now teaching us a lesson, it is not just the elderly and immunosuppressed who are dying, it is the young and previously healthy. I sat my two 21 year old boys down and told them what was coming back in January, and like most kids, they just laughed. Now they take this very seriously. We must educate the young to wake up to what is really happening worldwide. My best wishes to you all. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • RegainingLife says:

      Hahaha you fools are panicked over nothing.

    • Power corrupts says:

      Reducing the community spread at the early stages of an outbreak is critical.
      The failure by all levels of government to work together to control the spread of this virus comes from the top.
      The health and safety of our citizens is under attack. The cost to control it is much less than having to deal with the consequences if we don’t.

    • cazz pharrel says:

      Well this is all propoganda so can see why they laughed they’re scaring people and it’s working they told all of us these people died doesn’t make it true

    • Tim Tam says:

      This pandemic is exposing all the selfish people.

    • cazz pharrel says:

      People willing to give up their rights is what they want nobody heard about the georgia guidestones or George bush sr speech about NWO agenda 21

  17. Kathy Brown says:

    Vacationers just now trying to get home? This has been going on for weeks. If they would have been paying even a little attention, they would be home already.

    • Matt Johnston says:

      @Angela Siegfried How many fatalities in the US so far?

    • Matt Johnston says:

      @Angela Siegfried 10,000 worldwide? Influenza kills more every year so far.

    • hugh mongasass says:

      you are not super intelligent Kathy. There are thousands of situations

    • Matt Johnston says:

      @Angela Siegfried Ok, by the literal definition of pandemic I guess it is one lol. This is not the ebola virus still and all signs are pointing towards this being a virus we can treat while everyone is in quarantine. No need for the media to make everyone scared shitless

    • Dan Delgado says:

      @Matt Johnston Incorrect. All hospital systems could be overwhelmed in a few weeks. People with “underlying conditions” maybe survive with access to Oxygen, ventilators, serious medicine & INTENSIVE CARE UNITS.
      Conditions leading to complications include Diabetes, Emphysema, & aged over 50. Who knows what else? Obesity? Vapers?
      In Italy, triage teams have to decide if the oldest should even get full treatment or Not.
      Trump’s CDC could have accepted WHO tests in January & isolated everyone testing positive. Probably too late now.
      Just search the following words together – “Italy Coronavirus Triage”.

  18. Log Cabin Man says:

    Those on the beach owe humanity an apology- what a bunch of mouth breathers

    • Dopamine 9 says:

      Log Cabin Man no, the Chinese Government does. This is their fault.

    • Log Cabin Man says:

      No! China did not make those lowlifes go to the beach and spread disease. They CHOOSE to endanger others!!! IF they did not know about the virus, you might have a point- but you don’t! You are factually wrong!

  19. Laura LaQue says:

    “We stay at work for you, so stay at home for us”.
    Dam that hit hard. They’re the real heroes

  20. anticharlatan says:

    If anyone should get billions of dollars it’s hospitals and not airlines.

    • Damon Smigielski says:

      anticharlatan YES! Thank you! This is the only intelligent thing I’ve read in this entire comment section. Hospitals >>> airlines & corporations

    • Syisulis Solease says:

      ahahahahahaha you think throwing money at the hospitals is gonna help in this crisis sorry bud were on the titanic. NO LIFE BOATS

    • Thankyou3403 says:

      hospitals make profits too. if the airlines use the money to pay staff who are American citizens then they should get the money.

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