U.S. collecting evidence of possible Russian war crimes

U.S. collecting evidence of possible Russian war crimes

The war in Ukraine is intensifying every day as civilian deaths continue to rise. 100 percent of Russia’s total military force are now inside Ukraine.

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  1. Sean W says:

    What exactly can be done even if there are war crimes, are we going to do anything other than sanctions?

    • Hope Dogs says:

      God has put it in us to do all that is his will including sharing the gospel because that is his will “Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his.”

    • Hayden Farstead says:

      @Irin Bon not to mention they’re talking about completely banning russian oil in the EU which would hike prices even more, yet Biden isn’t agreeing to drill for more oil on our own cause he wants to work towards clean energy which is nice but not very viable in the short term, really on the long term and we have to think about both not just one so yeah gas prices bouta be absolutely bonkers fucked.

    • Hayden Farstead says:

      @Tycoon Lee my point is just those are crimes that individuals or organizations committed, not the US in general. I’m also not saying they haven’t committed war crimes, but that doesn’t change the fact that Russia is committing them and I’d argue most nations have committed war crimes at one point or another. It really just comes down to what side you’re on, Democracy or Communism. Neither is perfect and both commit these things, but Democracy isn’t gonna condemn other Democracy when they’re committing these things against their perceived threat, and same for the other side, China isn’t condemning Russia right now it’s encouraging them. It’s a fucked world that’s just how it all plays out. At the very least the war crimes Russia is committing right now are far worse than anything most countries have ever done.

    • abc abc says:

      Unkrine nazi government killed 100 thousands east unkrine people. We should investigate that.

    • Hayden Farstead says:

      @Tycoon Lee yeah that doesn’t change the fact that he did it illegally. Not to mention idk why you think the CIA has such direct ties to other forms of government. The fucked shit that the CIA does is just that, not fucked shit that the US country does as a whole. Intelligence agencies around the world are corrupt and do fucked shit and governments have been trying to curb that corruption since forever. I literally don’t see what your point is in how it relates to this. And Edward Snowden again revealed things about espionage agencies, that doesn’t have anything to do with the US government as a whole my guy. Also I’m 21 and was raised very conservatively so it goes to show our difference in viewpoint which is fine, you can have your own opinion on the matters, I have mine. Just wanted to tell you mine.

  2. 𝘉𝘰𝘯𝘦 says:

    every country has evidence of war crimes , starting to see how hypocritical countries are during war

    • Bob sager says:

      @smpmdk1979 Stalin had begged the allies to form an alliance with him against Germany before the invasion of Poland. They refused, so he was forced to throw in his lot with someone he knew was his enemy.

    • Anton Taylor says:

      “war crimes” is just another buzz word that deprecated media uses on the masses to condition them

    • Adam Harmon says:

      @Trizzle Hizzle I didn’t commit war crimes you ignorant fool, I was saying I heard about them. 🤣🤣 You are harping on someone’s English and you can’t understand it yourself. You are very ignorant yeah everyone ex military will call themselves that. YOU ONLY GET RETIRED IF YOU DO 20+ YEARS DUMMY!! I bet Eddie doesnt show up to a single reunion nor will he claim them while they are around him. They all testified to him committing actual war crimes, firing on people they knew weren’t targets of interest. Just go look at the evidence its not about holding firm its just about the right thing, do the checking admit you made a mistake learn from it become better.

    • Adam Harmon says:

      @Trizzle Hizzle I haven’t lied one time. You are just the typical keyboard warrior who hasn’t accomplished much and doesn’t even try to verify information they blindly follow FOX or CNN to a country with NO WMDs after both companies have stated otherwise now and hold firm still. 🙄

    • Adam Harmon says:

      @Trizzle Hizzle I’m not lying, I gave you proof all you have to do is verify the proof super chief. You are the one who is a ignorant fool.

  3. Troll King says:

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” – President Dwight Eisenhower, January 17, 1961

    • PsyKlown says:

      @Propaganda everywhere no dumbass we killed the ones we were after and few more for good measure….

    • DICE'N DICE'N says:

      @Beholden YT by your comment, do not know what propaganda means

    • UnderGamer says:

      @ma ta I know you guys are trying to like “enlighten” people are whatever but do you realize how tone deaf you sound? This is like going up to someone being stabbed and shouting about how someone else got stabbed way worse 20 years ago while they’re bleeding out

    • main acc says:

      @9Leepz Subliminals you obviously aren’t an educated person

    • Sum says:

      @ma ta and we should share this fact till it goes into evry sleeping brain dead sheep’s but the racists will remain racists. As they all quoted “blonde hair blue eyes”

  4. HomieDClown says:

    “All war is based on deception”~ Sun Tzu

    • martin van buren says:

      @NotAFascistSlavelll America gave Pakistan billions in aid as it played the Taliban against America and India. Taliban was sheltered by Pakistan.

    • FREE ASSANGE 🏴 Pardon SNOWDEN says:

      Yup mainstream media suddenly becomes so credible again?

    • Zonia Flx says:

      @NotAFascistSlavelll I don’t believe that’s entirely true, when you look back on history it is usually written by history enthusiast not exactly the winners. Especially when it comes to cases like the native Americans, and some of the god awful things done in the east during the 1600s. Really history is written by whoever decides to write it.

    • Zonia Flx says:

      @kenix k “America and the West” so what’s more likely, half the planet is lying. Or a single country is? You’re stock full of propaganda.

    • Kim Smith says:

      @Steven Prado I second that 👍

  5. Unfairlytreated Mexican says:

    I feel so sorry for that little child, everything stolen and they don’t even know why.

    • Zack Hawn says:

      @Adee Melkov ZDS Yes, peaceful until it was invaded by Russia.

    • Antonio Jordan says:

      @Adee Melkov ZDS Again you show your stupidity…which part of my comment do you think was propaganda inspired??? In the early 1990’s I worked for the US Gov and I know for a fact that Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear weapons. I thought it was a stupid move, but it is a FACT that they did. Or do you doubt that there’s a US nuclear armed sub sitting just off the Russian coast? There’s always at least one…just waiting to launch. NO ONE needs or wants nukes in Ukraine. You truly are the stupidest Russian troll!

    • Adee Melkov ZDS says:

      @Zack Hawn lmao peaceful? Even the fake stream media is showing you they’re egging on the war. What sane person gives their citizens weapons & ammunition with no training or knowing of how to use it? You know who benefits from that? The criminals / gangsters in the streets that were already there causing problems and you think they’ll turn it to fight Russians or their own people? And what would a grandma do with let’s say an AK if she got confronted by 4 Russian trained soldiers? Ukraine is anything but PEACEFUL.

    • Zack Hawn says:

      @Adee Melkov ZDS The Russians are the one playing with fire. Invading a peaceful sovereign nation is about as close to playing with fire as it gets.

    • Anton Taylor says:

      funny how you dont feel bad for donbas region civilians that have been terrorized for past 8 years by Azov zelenskys thugs

  6. Grand Dutchy Of Prussia says:

    Us collecting Russian war crimes evidence when they can’t even collect their own

  7. Adam Black says:

    Currently torn between two emotions whether to laugh or cry

    • Juan Rodriguez says:

      🍑 That ass though. 😋 tasty
      Knock knock
      Who’s there
      Europe who
      I’m not a poo

    • Meep P says:

      @Rylan Henderson no it’s that the US is a living war crime itself lmao

    • Meep P says:

      @jeff w no it’s that out of all countries, the US is going to collect info about war crimes when they can’t even look into rapes committed by US soldiers

    • main acc says:

      @RetroTechGames – DIY Repair you obviously aren’t an educated person hahah

    • RetroTechGames - DIY Repair says:

      @main acc I’m a terrorist?… News to me. You’re mistaking “America”, which holds Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, etc, etc, for a group of criminals that occupy political positions and benefit from the military industrial complex.

      We all hate them just as much as you do, but please, direct your hatred correctly.

  8. David Pina says:

    This is funny cause when did the US ever own up and become accountable to the full extent of the justice for their war crimes.

  9. Mark McCloskey Castle Doctrine says:

    I’m sure we’ll do as thorough job for Russia, as ourselves when collecting evidence of our war crimes in Iraq from our invasion 2003……..

    • Sushi Wolf says:

      @Black And White check your facts and look at a map kid, NATO has two countries that border Russia, Estonia and Latvia, so keep blaming the west when it was just an excuse to kill, Ukraine is no different than those two countries yet why didn’t they attack Estonia or Latvia, dumb ass propagandist with no idea what the hell you’re even saying… Moron.

      NATO Maps and Names because you’re probably too stupid to use google, lol that’s if your owners allow you too! LOL! 😂


    • Sushi Wolf says:

      @Black And White name a few.

    • Cisco says:

      @Josue Hernandez yea and everyone here owns a gun, maybe even a few. So don’t try and invade.

    • K K says:

      @clifton james we invaded Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and provided arms and financial support to known terrorists groups in Syria to bring about regime change. We committed thousands of war crimes in every war.
      We invaded Mexico and took Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona and California from them.
      We declared war on Spain and invaded Cuba and Phillipines on fake pretences in the 19th century. Invaded Haiti in 1915 on equally fake grounds.
      So if Russia took a page from our own book of lies and fake news to invade a country for it’s own national interests, you have a problem with that?
      US and European nations have been crossing oceans to invade, occupy and bring about friendly/puppet regimes in power in countries all over the globe. At least Russia only went to their own backyard.
      And yes indeed, the Russian invasion is absolutely wrong and condemnable. The loss of innocent civilians is never justified. But please don’t be a hypocrite by acting holier than though. We were just as guilty.
      BTW, I’m a US Army veteran, 11B, 93′ to 99′.

    • Josue Hernandez says:

      @Cisco how does it feel to know that the only reason why the USA is a superpower today is because they exploited immigrants to do most of the work, used captured scientists, and exploited both world wars to gain profit and to weaken other countries?

  10. Evan Boone says:

    The news networks should do more short form content like this. Anything under a minute is a video I’ll likely watch.. especially if it’s relevant

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