U.S. Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

U.S. Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mika Brzezinski has the latest updates on the spread of the coronavirus, the advice from leading public health officials on reducing infection, the infection rate in the U.S. and Europe and the chaos at airports. Aired on 3/16/2020.
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U.S. Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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101 Responses

  1. Phoenix Smith says:

    Panic buyers at supermarkets are putting vulnerable people at risk and its really starting to get on my nerves SMH.

  2. Bill Cook says:

    well, the good thing about the Coronavirus is that my friends aren’t coming over to smoke up all my weed.

  3. ken z says:

    How can people get ahold of this “Food Aid”?

  4. Diane Young says:

    With such a tiny percentage of Americans who have been tested, the actually number of people in the U.S. that already have COVID-19 is so much higher then reported.

    • supercharger says:

      @dCosmic1 You are right! It might be leaky mask, just like the leaky condom that your dad bought… and gave birth to you. You would rather chose to hate and to discriminate than to live in peace… Sigh, brain seriously got problem.

    • supercharger says:

      @Cortez Johnson wow, cannot imagine how….. you live…. with that level of stupid. take care. you need it.

    • Israel Hernandez says:

      If you’re saying they purposely released this virus then your crazy. This virus has drastically hurt not only their Economy but the whole worlds economy, China has lost so much money because of this virus

    • Tucson Jim says:

      Stop it. Shutting down schools, churches, meetings, and sporting events is not prudent, it’s panic. Making a run on milk, eggs, and bread will just mean we will need to throw a lot of food away when it spoils. Taiwan just cell phone quarantined high risk individuals (those coming across borders with fever and those from Wohan, SK, Iran, and Italy) within a unified govt response. We need to shame evil fear mongering Democrats to stop politicizing this.
      There is NO sane reason you should be afraid to go outside.

      1. Carry masks not to wear but to provide to anyone sneezing. Only wear a mask if you are sick. Hand them a tissue, if no mask, and tell them to cover up for the good of the country.

      2. Washing your hands with sanitizer is NOT important, any soap will work. Clean public places more often – no need to be OCD. This is most important for restaurant menus, condiments, and door handles. Shopping cart handles are less of a threat due to the handles being covered in plastic. The metal handles of old kept the germs cooler and so they lasted twice as long. Just don’t take a cart directly from another without wiping the handle. Focus on cleaning sinks and countertops, keyboards, toys, remotes, toothbrush holder, coffee machine, carpets, dish rags, and towels. Anything that gets touched a lot and shared but cleaned rarely… like light switches and the bathtub. At work, this means telephones, elevator buttons, water fountains, reception counters, and public bathrooms.

      3. Stop shaking hands and instead provide perhaps an air five to people. Don’t stop meeting people. I once visited a local elementary school. The young students in one class were all in their desks while those of another class all sat together on the floor around the teacher. Everyone was healthy in the first room while there was constant sneezing and coughing in the other. Sitting a couple feet away is all it takes. No need to panic people.

      4. Do NOT be “quarantined” with other sick people… just stay home in your own bed and in your own bedroom. Use a separate bathroom if you can. Remember many who get sick will only get mild symptoms (but of course seek medical care if symptoms are severe). Stay well hydrated. Grandma’s chicken soup is perfect (for the salt). Drink constantly.

      5. Sleep 8-10 hours. Missing four hours twice a week (Friday and Saturday night) drops your IQ by 20 point and puts your immune system at risk. Sleep deprivation decreases production cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced (says the Mayo Clinic). If you work harder than most (either physically or mentally), you will need more sleep. Alas, 83% of those under age 55 don’t sleep enough, putting everyone at risk.

      6. DO NOT PANIC! Stay in good spirits. Life is good. This following recommendation is the most important … DO NOT DO ANY OF THIS BECAUSE OF THE CHINA SARS-2 CORONA-VIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19). DO IT BECAUSE IT IS FLU SEASON. Duh.

      Over a hundred people will die today due to the common flu. One of the current variants is the H5N1 influenza. It is a avian flu. 60% of people who get it will die. Only 1-2% of SARS-2 patients will die. That’s nothing. The Swine Flu was MUCH worst and we didn’t panic and stop living. Get a sense of proportion people. Notice CDC recommendations do not include a flu vaccine. It does not work. Not because vaccines are bad. REAL vaccines do not require you to take them over and over every year. Sure, studies prove they work. That’s when using a smaller sample size and the vaccines can be made and used quickly. In real life, they take over six months to get to people and there are a LOT of different kinds of flus. Following the steps above are more effective. Heck, over a hundred people will die today in traffic accidents. That number will logically go down if we stop leaving our homes. But, only a complete moron would suggest we shut down the country to do that.

    • david lohan says:

      How to fool the Masses , Put it in plain sight https://youtu.be/n8J34q2f0uM

  5. China Bill says:

    I am Chinese , I think US should do this earlier to protect the American people, since the world has witnessed what happened in China. I upload the life reality of ordinary Chinese on my this channel

    • Sere Knight says:

      Seems a number of americans are brainwashed and really trust the stupid propaganda about china from US media.

    • Ray C says:

      China Bill How are you on YouTube if you’re Chinese? If you’re using a VPN better be careful

    • Crystals Texas Randomness says:

      China Bill Your fat lazy president didn’t close it’s borders early enough. Your nasty people need to learn that you can’t eat everything in the world!

    • Sere Knight says:

      @Ray C good, an example of brainwashed guy comes.

    • Crystals Texas Randomness says:

      Black Blackity You and the others are ignorant. China has been to careless with their bio weapons! They shouldn’t be allowed to have any labs! Also if it was from one of those nasty markets then the person responsible is a murderer!

  6. North Eastern Roberts says:

    Better to be criticized by 12
    Than carry by 6

  7. Madara Uchiha says:

    The US should declare a State Of Stupidity.

    • Hephaestus says:

      @Larry Klooze Am I invading your leftist delicate safe space ? YES I DO, and NO I AM NOT LEAVING… give me arguments not baby cries.

    • BamBam Jesus says:

      Madara Uchiha trump supports tend to make things very stupid

    • I O says:

      @Frans van Mook and with Obama it was a state of freeloaders and lazyness;)

    • Hephaestus says:

      @Larry Klooze Your blue states are doing pretty bad NY, WA and CA. More than 2,000 cases combined. And you say, bringing your statement out of nowhere, that we will end in a worse situation ? Well even when you are losing and will end losing, you firmly think you will win. Ridiculous.

    • says:

      Hephaestus You are the exact reason to make this declaration.

  8. Princess Shufa says:

    While most European countries had coronavirus, how come I dont hear any cases in Russia? Kinda weird though..

  9. DAILY BEAST says:

    *The incompetence of the government is incredible this virus has been circulating since the beginning of January we have no idea how widespread this virus is because there have been so few tests*

    • Bruce DaBuc says:


    • Biff LeGrosBoeuf says:

      @C. M. the orange klown was incompetent from the beginning

    • Golden HD says:

      @Gotham Jetskier they let it happened

    • Biff LeGrosBoeuf says:

      @Hector Perez please stay away from Canada. stupid muricuns

    • Noises says:

      @Hector Perez As soon as they put you back on the mexican side of it, amigo.
      you have a rapists name. you should go back where you came from.
      Love and light, your friendly neighborhood white republicans.

  10. Verse says:

    Trump: “15 cases. And they’re almost better. This is a Democrat hoax.”
    1,629 cases and 41 deaths later.
    Trump: “I’m declaring a state of emergency.”

    • The Crystalline Entity says:

      I seached that reference out and couldn’t find it. Could you link to that quote? he was correct in that he Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus.

    • Verse says:

      @The Crystalline Entity
      Trump 2/26/20: “So we have a total of — but we have a total of 15 people, and they’re in a process of recovering, with some already having fully recovered.”
      Trump 2/28/20 “And this is their new hoax. But we did something that’s been pretty amazing. We have 15 people in this massive country and because of the fact that we went early.”
      Democrats don’t need to politicize Covid-19. Trump’s ineptitude speaks for itself. That’s why the markets crashed: because he couldn’t tell the truth about the situation from the beginning. Democrats are just trying to get an actual response up and running instead of trying to lie it away like Trump has always done.

    • Kevin Mezentsev says:

      Verse. Your incorrect evaluation of the situation is baffling. The market has dropped because of the manufactured hysteria. The media is pumping fear that is unreasonable for the situation. Compare the media reaction to this in comparison to the h1n1, when Obama announced a national emergency. A thousand have already died and the media were congratulating o amas response. This is unbelievable.

    • Deric Lane says:

      What is really screwed up is that he fired the people who are experts when it comes to Pandemics back in 2018.

    • Verse says:

      @Kevin Mezentsev Alright. So it’s all a big hoax. Then why did he shut down travel to Europe? Why did he declare a national emergency? Oh and by the way, the markets didn’t drop after they watched media report on Covid-19. The markets dropped right after Trump reported on Covid-19. Notice every time he went out claiming everything is hunky dory, the markets tanked. Why? Because they know he’s lying. So they have no idea how bad it actually is. But Trump is incapable of telling the truth if it makes him look bad.
      The difference between h1n1 and Covid-19 is we actually had informed information on h1n1. Trump’s pathetic response time on this is the real issue. How many Americans have been tested for Covid-19? 13,000. Other countries are testing that many daily. That is why your supreme leader is catching flak: because he doesn’t have a handle on the situation.

  11. mary henry says:

    I feel sorry for this doctor because he knows whats to come but look at the administration he has to work with, it’s two steps forward and four steps back, poor man.

  12. R C says:

    Has anyone else stopped getting spam calls on your cell or home phones?

  13. Justin Pearl says:

    Well I used to believe humans evolved…

  14. Si Yang says:

    Close everything for 2 weeks

  15. Stephen Ferree says:

    The “National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense” was created under the Obama administration after the Ebola epidemic in 2014 in order to prepare for, and prevent disease outbreaks from becoming epidemics or pandemics.
    The Trump administration dissolved that office in May of 2018!

    • Elke Hoelzle says:

      Nothing Obama did would stand with The Dear Leader racist orange thing.

    • A BRown EyE says:

      But with a strain that is new how can anyone prepare for it if China held back info about it until it was already here.. we’d still be in the same situation we are in now

    • Anthony Mobley says:

      @A BRown EyE Not true. We’d still be in a bad situation but the whole purpose of that team was to provide quick reaction and planning for just such a situation. This has been going on for a month or so now and this country has tested only about 25k people. There are over 300m people here. That by itself is an absolute failure of the federal government to do the first thing it’s tasked with and that is protect it’s citizens. This is why state’s have no choice but to begin locking down the citizenry. We have NO IDEA how bad this is right now and we’re already a month in to it.

    • A BRown EyE says:

      @Anthony Mobley and we just developed an expedited test.. until then there was no test available.. so again.. how is a team supposed to handle something they’ve never seen before?

  16. Vivo Cano says:

    2019 storm area 51
    2020 storm the tp aisle

  17. Undeadly says:

    My life long antisocial behavior has trained me for these days. Finally a pay off lol.

  18. brown bird says:

    People acting crazy is making daily life more stressful. I’m more afraid of mob mentality and man made chaos than a virus.

  19. Jazmine Palmer says:

    CDC: no gatherings of more than 50 ppl
    U.S. Grocery Stores: 300+ people fighting for tissue paper 😐

  20. Patrick Bateman says:

    Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains and no coronavirus.

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