U.S. launches cruise missile strike against Syria

U.S. launches cruise missile strike against Syria

U.S. warships in the Mediterranean launched cruise missiles against a government airfield in Syria Thursday night in response to a chemical attack that left dozens of civilians dead. CBS News’ David Martin has more from the Pentagon

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20 Responses

  1. will f says:

    Nice work wonder what the Russians will strike us with now?

  2. Don B says:

    We’re going to war. Just sure as shit , we’re going to war.

  3. happ liamdays says:

    not even 6 months in office and has launched a missile. Wow America really staying peaceful.

  4. Blu Mystik says:

    The system is a lie. Presidents are puppets. Voting is a sham. Wars are carefully manufactured behind closed doors. Your leaders are friends with the leaders of your so-called “enemies”. They all dwell in the same secret clubs, shaking hands and making deals with your lives. The whole conflict is a stage set to keep the war-economy flourishing. But that’s just the means to an end. Terrorist organizations are secretly funded to create fear and helplessness inside your heart so you will keep your eyes glued to their fountain of lies known as mass-media. Political debates are fake, both sides are of the same coin. Money is an illusion, but few can fathom it. Television keeps you gripped in fear and doubt. Religion has become a poor scape-goat for murder. The middle east citizens are being brain washed to hate and fear us, while we are brain washed to hate and fear them through propaganda as well. Secret societies among the rich and powerful are clever, resourceful, and completely capable of creating fake realities to keep us busy, blind, and most importantly, divided. Indeed, they have the money and manpower to study the very science of mental manipulation, and don’t lie to yourself, you know it to be true. —Borders are manifestations of insanity; meaning humanity has become so insane that it fears itself to the point of mass separation among all human kind. This paranoia is a mental illness most commonly shared among us Americans. We have been programmed to fear people we have never seen or met or even know to actually exist. We all carry a mental boogy man inside and it is all credited to our conditioning from this society. Only when we are free in our minds and hearts, will the agendas of the corrupt finally dissolve. Just keep in mind there are those that depend on your dependence. They need you to keep their designs afloat. But I wonder, who will read this and begin their journey toward true freedom, which is not something that can be created out of force. Real freedom, real lasting peace can only be achieved through understanding; and it starts from within. Please, my beloved brothers and sisters of the world, look deeply into the eyes of your leaders, listen carefully to their words, study their body language, and behold the poisoned souls before you. You have this power, you know what is true and what is unreal. You merely have to utilize the gifts that lie dormant within you to see it. When you can see through the magician’s illusion, you must then choose to follow truth and disregard those that lead you into falsehoods. Be free, live free, express freedom and show others they can be free too, right here, RIGHT NOW! Let go of all you think you know, if only for a moment, and be like a clean slate. See the world through clear eyes for the first time. Then, act accordingly from that most auspicious position of pure understanding and tranquility.

  5. six monster says:

    does anyone else feel like something fishy is going on?

  6. David Esparza says:

    We should’ve gave them a Pepsi

  7. Cyterith R says:

    don’t make a war dude, let me finish Game of Thrones first

  8. albert says:

    uh nerve gas, isnt that biological warfare? I thought that wasnt allowed

  9. Brendan Stiltner says:

    Obama: *launches thousands of strikes in Syria*
    Public: Oh nothings wrong.
    Trump: *warns Putin about incoming attack and launches missles*
    Public: OH MY GOD WW3

  10. Unrelated Popcorn Fire says:

    Just get one of those giant erasers from Wal-Mart that say “For *BIG* mistakes!” And erase Syria from the face of this earth

  11. trippy drippy says:

    I hope it doesn’t go nuclear I pray to god

  12. Max Victorio says:

    who else is just reading the comment section

  13. Evanthe2kGOD says:

    If we’re being honest everyone’s overreacting right now we don’t know all the details yet. Most of the people in the comments are conspiracy theorist/ basement dwellers. Will all be fine save your overused and recycled world war 3 jokes.

  14. modern rebel says:

    here comes MANDATORY MILITARY draft get ready boys

  15. Beware Reality Ahead says:

    If you think any country is stupid enough to attack the United States of fucking America your out of your damn mind we are 50x stronger than any other nation except Russia and we are about 3x stronger than Russian at a minimum we spend what the whole world spends on military and we have the most military might and the most skilled conditioned warriors the planet has ever seen. A war with USA is like a child going up against Michael phelps in a swimming competition and for god sake our tanks have never been knocked out of battle. And we have more than the entire world combined in attack helicopters, warships, and tanks yes WW3 will eventually happen soon but the United States of fucking America will come out on top. God bless and be safe

  16. Ben Watts says:

    We’re not being told the whole truth about this in fact I think we’re being lied to. I just have a gut feeling about it.

  17. Lucian Gray says:

    Dont forget ladies. Yo ass getting drafted too

  18. izzydjinn76 says:


  19. Jesse Garcia says:

    I dont want to die by a nuke, I want to die of ageing?

  20. JVCKPOT says:

    Lol this isn’t ww3. Syria ain’t shit we’ll end em fast and move on . Y’all chill

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