U.S. wrestling’s Frank Molinaro gets bitten by opponent

U.S. wrestling’s Frank Molinaro gets bitten by opponent

Team U.S.A.’s Frank Molinaro gets bitten by Ukraine’s Andriy Kvyatkovskyy in his repechage win to advance to the bronze medal match.

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20 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Channeling his inner Mike Tyson

  2. Stephen G says:

    Luis suarez of wrestling

  3. bonnie prince charlie says:

    Can’t blame him, Americans are delicious!!

  4. Hubolds1 says:

    That bites…

  5. Jack Mills says:

    Good on Molinaro for having the mental strength to not just start punching
    the guy.

  6. Isaiah Thomas says:

    If the opponent was Brazil these comments would be disgusting

  7. daywithal says:

    why does he think that was a good idea lol

  8. Zach says:

    What a sad day to be Ukrainian

  9. Patrick M says:

    Luis Suarez corrupted this guy with dark energies

  10. LANCE says:

    I didn’t know Mike Tyson was a coach

  11. Russell A says:

    must be cannibals in that country

  12. VenomistGaming says:

    Was the opponent from Florida?

  13. lifesavrdwd says:

    How totally embarrassing for the wrestler who did the biting. I mean it is
    on a video for anyone to watch forever now!

  14. David Oats says:

    He was hungry he needed to grab a snickers lol.

  15. Agent Orange says:

    At least it wasn’t a mosquito that bit him.

  16. Nash Rarig says:

    Hey Ukrainian guy, that’s a U.S. wrestler, not a Russian wrestler

  17. LexusReyes says:

    Inspired by Mike Tyson

  18. no says:

    wtf up with his hair

  19. Aksum አክሱም ፣ ንግሥት says:

    I guess it’s getting bad in Ukraine/Russia, they have no food. He was
    getting his last meal before he’s shipped back to famine stricken land.
    Poor guy!

  20. Check Mate says:

    HOw come no country can beat USA?