Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

All the biggest announcements from this year’s press conference.

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69 Responses

  1. David cruger says:

    This is so helpful, thank you so kuch for making these

  2. Martin XYZ says:

    Thank You for saving our time

  3. Rudolf Raath says:

    e3 in a nutshell “put famous actors in our games so well get more money” suffice to say they got my money

  4. MisAnthro Pony says:

    Ubisoft E3 2019 in two words: Hacker Grandma

  5. JStoner Ganjasaurus says:

    Thank you for making this short. So good not to hear the cringy fake cheer especially that one guy yelling out WOOO YEA!!

  6. Karabo ManneZA says:

    One of these years we’ll hear
    and we’ll see night vision goggles appear n my god the whole auditorium is gonna collapse coz Sam Fisher will be back!

  7. MaiWei says:

    This year’s e3 trend: hire actors to up the hype for our games.

    • MaiWei says:

      @Parker Argyle Can you remind me when Nintendo did this? After 15 years of watching e3 I can’t recall a time when they did this.

      Microsoft and Sony used to not do it. Ubisoft and EA have done it the most I think.

      Thankfully Square Enix didn’t do it this year.

    • MaiWei says:

      @Lex Luxon An immortal legend

    • Parker Argyle says:

      MaiWei Shawn White Snowboarding. E3 2008/09 I think

    • MaiWei says:

      @Parker Argyle Oh yeah forgot about that! Thankfully it was ghe exception and most conferences don’t do this. This year seems to have gone too far with it though. That’s what I’m saying.

    • Ayush Kumar says:

      Cyberpunk will do justice

  8. Emmett Mathieu says:

    For the love of god, give us a new Splinter Cell!!!

  9. Kirtahl says:

    Thats not real uk, that was one of those new fangled handguns.

  10. Tech Hub says:

    *After seeing watch dog legion i am thankfull to UbiSoft for not making next part of POP n Splinter cell*
    *Plse Don’t spoil these masterpiece series*

  11. Randomcat125 says:

    Ubisoft just announced a wii game! In 2019!

  12. Nick Kosmitis says:

    What a time learning about are obisoft new games, at
    Tom Clancy’s e3 2019 conference

  13. Evan Wollstonecraft says:

    Thanks a lot for these videos. Lot of wastetime in realtime presentations.

  14. Public Guy says:

    Jon Bernthal, the only cool thing about this, lol.

  15. Jonas says:

    So real John and punicher are actually really cool ???

  16. Dante's Inferno says:

    10+ years ago we had marvels like Assassin’s creed 2, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, rich in stories, no micro transactions in Single player.

    Now we have mobile games and games with shallow stories (save for Ghost Recon).

    • Alan Rennox says:

      Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint actually single player? or are they doing the same as they did with Wildlands and have that dumb as F**k AI team mates?

    • patriotpaul says:

      @Alan Rennox pretty sure you have to play with 3 friends, (It probably has a crappy single player mode with Ai controlling the other 3 tho.) Come on Ubiusoft go back to single player for gods sake! Not every game needs to be a MMO. I will even put up with all your silly drones everywhere.

    • Braniac says:

      Alan Rennox If I’m correct, you can play alone without those AI teammates and you can also play with other players online
      In conclusion, there won’t be those stupid AI guys annoying you

  17. YggdrasilAE says:

    Free updates…. Micro transactions here we come boys.

  18. Qwibqwib says:

    Never been so happy I choose to sleep instead of watching E3 at night

  19. KenShin Flo says:

    I got this The Purge vibes with those masks and the setting. got mixed feeling about this

  20. Meakah says:

    My profile pic is me thinking
    about another subscription fee

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