UCLA vs. Michigan – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

UCLA vs. Michigan – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

UCLA kept their cinderella run alive with a dramatic win over Michigan in the Elite Eight. Johnny Juzang’s 28 points helped to make the Bruins just the second team ever to go from the First Four to the Final Four. Watch the extended highlights here.

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54 Responses

  1. Leviathan III says:

    I guess smith fully didn’t realize you don’t need to take a 3 to send your team to victory

    • C B says:

      @Jonathan yeah bro and considering wagner was 0-4 from three and 1-10 FG at the end of the game I was like why in the world is he taking the last two out of three shots for the team. He airballed a wide open three like was that really the play Juwan drew up was for Wagner to shoot when Browns Jr. was hitting every shot that game?

    • Sam K says:

      @Gary Augustus first, last and only natty.

    • Joshua M says:


    • Sibishwar Sundaram says:

      They were cold at the end they had to just try to win it.

    • Phinsfan540 says:

      I’m with you on this, don’t understand why most players these days usually settle for a 3 when the games on the line instead of driving to the basket.

  2. Torin O'Connor says:

    Remember when UCLA got taken to 3 overtimes against Pepperdine and everyone said they were overrated?
    Well look how far they are now

  3. John C says:

    When Juzang rolled his ankle and Michigan started to get close I thought that was it was really bad luck, but I’m glad the Bruins hung in there. Michigan is an excellent team, one of the toughest games I’ve seen UCLA play this year. Great game Bruins! On to the Final 4!

    • Albert Albert says:

      @WeFreestyleForever ucla has been out with their best player also in Chris smith 6’9 guard

    • Owen S. Tetreault says:

      Is he gonna be ok to play for the next game?

    • ShowtimeBruin says:

      @WeFreestyleForever You realize UCLA’s top player (Chris Smith) was out too? Clearly you were not aware of that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t make such an asinine statement. Michigan got out worked and out coached. Simple as that. UCLA is so well conditioned and physically bruising that opponents start running on fumes towards the end of games. They can’t get any legs to shoot free throws or jump shots. Hence, Michigan couldn’t score a field goal. This was also one of UCLA’s worst games of the year. Other than Juzang no one was playing well offensively. UCLA won simply by wearing Michigan down and shutting down their offense.

    • Glenn Beck says:

      That guy from Hall and Oats slept with at least two black women about 20 years ago.

  4. Sports 311 says:

    When UCLA goes against Gonzaga, they’re gonna be facing a different animal. They have to play a perfect game and have a different game plan in place if they planned on upsetting the Zags or even play well against them

    • MB DG says:

      @Leviathan III gonzaga scores a lot but usc didn’t have good scoring on open shots later in the game. They couldn’t get any momentum in the second half, even when gonzaga missed

    • Lennon Dorsey says:

      UCLA 98 Gonzaga 42

    • awake & alive says:

      @Daniel Dunscombe . Is more like accidentally living in a big mansion with the hottest woman in the world because she tought you were a handsome prince but after 4 weeks she finds out you’re an imposter and kicks you out on the street, but you’re still happy because you did her left and right and enjoy all she had to offer and she can’t take that away from you, the damage is irreversible for her as it is for the poor losers like Michigan and Alabama.

    • BenKaras says:

      @fightnight14 I mean not really. Most people thought Michigan had the edge but that UCLA could win. But most people thought both teams would get destroyed by Gonzaga. It’s been a great run by UCLA, and I hope it’s a great game, but I think Gonzaga will win by 15 unfortunately

    • james chan says:

      yes, that’s true, but you can’t measure HEART. Michigan should have destroyed the Bruins. All respect to Coach Few and the Zags, but if the Bruins can keep the game close, anything can happen. Tall order, I know, but if you know the game, then you’ve got to give UCLA respect for what they’ve done. GO BRUINS!!!!!!

  5. Leviathan III says:

    It’s fair to say UCLA owns the state of Michigan

  6. Dragon Warrior says:

    BRUINS! So much heart in this team

  7. TheDarkenedLightGem says:

    Those last 6 seconds were the longest 6 seconds ever!

  8. David Jenkins says:

    F y’all haters who said UCLA had no chance in winning this game. Put some respect on them. 💯

  9. Wyatt Evans says:

    As a salty BYU fan gotta admit this UCLA team is special and surpassed my expectations. Great run from these players

  10. BangTaoBeach says:

    I’m so happy that Steve Alford is no longer the coach at UCLA! This Coach Cronin team has heart. Whatever happens against the Zags I’m proud of the Bruins toughness. They lost two of their best players and other players on the team stepped up and excelled. Eight clap from Thailand.

    • Briguy1027 says:

      I’ve listened to their games this year on the radio, and yeah, they lost some really important players to injury and yet they keep coming back. Amazing run this year. Certainly gotta hand it to the coach.

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