UFC 197: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 197: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 197: Jones vs. Saint Preux post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. liam harrington says:

    Jon Jones to headline UFC 200? Ufc 196 post fight press conference – 2M
    views. UFC 197 – 10k views… 200 won’t be as big no matter who headlines
    it now..

  2. Daniel says:

    Yair Rodriguez is so handsome and cute! ?

  3. Murdered Yakuza says:

    DJ so happy with his cashed checks. Now he can upgrade all his gaming
    equipment once more! That’s what providing for family means

  4. photological says:

    Jon says he was winning ever round, ha whatever makes jon work

  5. DubShepp says:

    This whole card just like the next 3 literally make me want to gouge my
    eyes out. Felt like I was watching the Eddie Bravo Invitational all night.

  6. To Lo says:

    Is Joe Rogan retiring and Daniel Cormier taking his place?

  7. pandemonstrosity says:

    The only way to defeat Mighty Mouse is by fighting him in Street Fighter 5.

  8. Holy Cow says:

    Jon Jones boring

  9. mboymanuel says:

    Cejudo’s “fight IQ” was worth jack shit. Nice gold medal ya jackass

  10. Mindsets and Reps says:

    Did Demetrious just allude that he is a white belt in Jiu Jitsu?!

  11. Asheru Assiene says:

    The UFC champion shouldn’t have to talk about paying bills

  12. luke rogers says:

    13:19 “One of the greatest ever in your division” more like the only great

  13. EST94 says:

    Why is DJ talkin about paying Bills . all champions should be paid very
    well not based on sales . A guy with 8 title defenses shouldn’t have to
    worry about money when a guy Like McGregor with no title defenses driving
    rolls royces and Lamborghini .

  14. Derik Davis says:

    DC made the biggest mistake of his life letting Jon Jones back in the ring
    to get experience in the ring again. Jon was obviously rusty in that fight
    but not anymore. Sorry DC but your fucked

  15. Weronika Malachwiejczyk says:

    lol d.j left his belt on the table hehe

  16. Martial Arts Mecca says:

    I’d say Cejudo learned a valuable lesson last night.

  17. Robbe Willems says:


  18. SergiO MomessO says:

    JJ is the Mayweather of UFC, talented but so boring to watch

  19. Fred Simmons says:

    It’s like I got punched in the head or something lol

  20. NoRegretsForOurYouth says:

    People acting like that wasn’t a typical Jon Jones fight