UFC 199 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

UFC 199 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

On Episode 3 of UFC 199 Embedded, middleweight champion Luke Rockhold’s confidence surges as he trains for his upcoming belt defense, then swings by his mom’s house to pick up groceries. Challenger Michael Bisping uses his first loss to Rockhold as motivation to push harder in his quest for championship gold. Bantamweight title challenger Urijah Faber stays busy in the gym on Memorial Day, as champion and opponent Dominick Cruz goes sports car shopping. UFC 199 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to two championship rematches at UFC 199: Rockhold vs. Bisping 2, taking place Saturday, June 4 on Pay-Per-View

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20 Responses

  1. Rhyan Jonestown says:

    2:24 Dom is limping favoring his right leg?

  2. Haychh ❖ says:

    Dominic Cruz is a nice guy, check out kids gives them motivation tbh. Only
    other person that does that I know is Matt Serra

  3. okicat1 says:

    Luke Rockhold is extremely unlikable. Fuck him, fuck Joe Rogaine, fuck Dana
    White, fuck the mafioso brothers and fuck you too.

  4. Karl Andreas Dahle says:

    What’s up with Cruz’s limp?

  5. Володя Володя says:

    aww Urijah and his comfort blanket

  6. MOS says:

    Does that pedophile and rapist still instruct bjj at Alliance?

  7. DVLDS PRDR says:

    Is it just me or was Dom limping a bit?

  8. KillrCorsair says:

    hes weak as piss? he choked u out with one arm….

  9. lalgerino91 says:


  10. King Chibot says:

    Someone needs to explain to Faber that Memorial day isn’t about “the
    veterans” isn’t about those in the US Armed Forces that have lost their
    lives. There is a big difference.

  11. Copper Fronts says:

    Those kids training with pros at like age 6 are going to be KILLERS by the
    time they’re adults

  12. Jesse Hernandez says:

    Those gt-r’s are ?

  13. bob Jr says:

    lukes mom fine i do her. i know she was probably hot as fuck at her young

  14. lee cummings says:

    bisping gonna get made piss, his right eye is fucked , hes squinting.
    need’s to retire, wasting to much time in his career before a first time
    tittle fight.

  15. JASN SOUNDS says:

    It looks like Dominic is limping

  16. HOTRODRICO says:

    the little kid did a nice sprawl… good job

  17. Bernie Rubio says:

    I love this UFC vlog series

  18. Infamous Numero Uno says:

    Cockhold’s mom buying him food lol can’t even buy his own food, just shows
    how much of a bum he is

  19. Based Elliot says:

    You literally got beat in every aspect of the fight and then you get one
    armed guillotine’d.

  20. jamiva 090 says:

    im waiting for next vlog series..where ronda’s trying to get back in
    shape…instagram vids of shadow boxing…again..oh wait…dam…she’s
    wants travis brown’s baby’s…oops