UFC 199 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

UFC 199 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

On Episode 5 of UFC 199 Embedded, middleweight champion Luke Rockhold spends the evening analyzing his opponent, training for his fight and learning vocabulary. His challenger Michael Bisping receives a UK flag from supporters at home. Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz stops to smell the lilies during a walk with his dog, then does media at FOX alongside Bisping and bantamweight title challenger Urijah Faber. Cruz and Faber verbally spar on set, and the animosity continues the next day at the UFC 199 press conference, with barbs thrown between both the main and co-main event’s stars. UFC 199 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to two championship rematches at UFC 199: Rockhold vs. Bisping 2, taking place Saturday, June 4 on Pay-Per-View.

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19 Responses

  1. jackybarapat101 says:

    Cruz nearly jabbed Bisping in the face haha!

  2. TrundleTheGreat says:

    I wanna watch this card but xgames will be on n the Stanley cup will be on

  3. gabrielle cicole says:

    Conceive, believe, achieve, shut the fuck up.
    i don’t care you if they are buying instagram followers from *(I G R O C K
    E T D O T C O M)*

  4. ArturoPR84 says:

    i want the challengers to win so rematches are made and they can have
    longer promotion time this is just gold

  5. greenified22 says:

    I better not be the only one who second guessed himself and looked up the
    word “aniculate” got fucked up with how confident Rockholds coaches were
    going on about it lol

  6. James Vici says:

    Bisping tt > Conor tt

  7. Yung Brizzy says:

    I think that Russian dude meant annihilate.

  8. tijuas0918 says:

    “you been lifting weights Dana?” hahahaha

  9. noisetank says:

    Respect to Cruz for talking about flowers and getting away with it.

  10. CDN salsa says:

    “If you think something the likely it’ll happen are slim, but if you are
    confident in something you will believe it will happen you can achieve
    things in life”
    -#1 bestselling self-help guru Luke “Believer” Rockhold.

  11. octoberfire13 says:

    everyone’s wearing suits now and trying to be philasophical and terrifying
    at the conference …. wonder who started that and is still lightyears better
    at it … :)

  12. MAXedTV says:

    4:20 Dominick Cruz trying to capture the main event by breaking Bisping’s
    nose :D

  13. coolman949 says:

    Unfortunately both challengers are going to get their asses kicked. Cruz by
    decision and Rockhold by TKO

  14. jakesweet1000 says:

    cruz and faber both seem so nice, its weird they hate eachother

  15. dylan frost says:

    vlogs are sick, keep em coming!

  16. Unusual Suspect says:

    glve Cruz hes own embedded DANA please by the way DANA have you been
    Llftlng weights

  17. crystal dawson says:

    Cruz is limping

  18. King Chibot says:

    It’s pretty funny that Bisbing things Rockhold is so arrogant when Bisbing
    is incredibly arrogant and cocky and always has been.

  19. drohoe1 says:

    Cockhold knocked back Jacare for Bisping. kinda of a weak move for a champ.