UFC 200: Brock Lesnar – Octagon Interview

UFC 200: Brock Lesnar – Octagon Interview

Hear from Brock “The Beast” Lesnar in the octagon with Joe Rogan after his impressive unanimous decision win over Mark Hunt at the historic UFC 200 event in Las Vegas, NV.

Order the replay here: https://www.ufc.tv/video/ufc-200

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20 Responses

  1. Joe R says:

    “Where is your mind at now, after beating a guy like Mar Kunt…”

  2. jeffrey kwan says:

    He said mark kunt lol

  3. Derek D says:

    This nigga is representing Canada and telling America what WE should do smh

  4. Backyrdvideos says:

    From one white boy to all you niggas :D

  5. Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

    Brock the ultimate UFC face

  6. Nome King says:

    so WWE won?

  7. Taner Yılmaz says:

    I just don’t like wresting due to its uneventful nature. How is Brock
    different from a wrestler here? He just lay on Hunt the whole time and
    swung his arms from time to time. The dude won an MMA fight without even
    throwing a proper punch! I don’t want to see fighters in MMA who merely
    depend on their wrestling skills.

  8. MrDMDias says:

    man…Sable still lookin hott as ever!!

  9. Frank Castle says:

    I still want to fuck the shit out of sable

  10. StrangeOutlaw says:

    WWE fans gtfo here and go back to watching ur fake shit

  11. #TheReturn 07/24/16 says:

    Bro if Brock Lesnar says we need to stop fighting. I’m gonna stop fighting.
    Did you see what he did to mark hunt lol but seriously. Peace.

  12. Aurora Nemesis says:

    I remember watching his videos of him lugging trees up the mountain.

  13. Laki Nua says:

    Hey man I was going for Hunt, my favorite fighter, but man Brock looking
    good dude! Real happy for him and hope he decides to come back. Really goes
    to show you that anything can happen in MMA. (Not being an insult to Brock
    of course)

  14. crazymonk3y1298 says:

    this is a different more mature brock lesnar he just sounds greatful

  15. Ste Smith says:

    What a LEGEND, hasn’t fought for 5 years, hasn’t hardly trained MMA being
    doing WWE, hes not even a ranked fighter and he just beat 8 Ranked HW Hunt
    who is the hardest hitter in all of MMA, it was incredible to see


  16. Muhammed127 Psn says:

    Rip mark Hunt

  17. Mary Hart says:

    Great speech Brock and congrats!

  18. 786shabz789 says:

    Brock “words cant describe it” lesnar!!!!!!

  19. Troy Melnyk says:

    Brock looks more jacked now than he every has! Now I see why people think
    he’s juiced to the gills! Hahah. I don’t think so though

  20. Al Barik says:

    nice brock