UFC 200 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

UFC 200 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

On Episode 4 of UFC 200 Embedded, heavyweight Mark Hunt has his mind blown by a magic trick while out and about in Las Vegas. UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate stays busy in the gym, as does interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Reigning light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier enjoys time at home with his family, and featherweight Frankie Edgar makes his way to the airport. Women’s bantamweight title challenger Amanda Nunes gets some positive energy from other students at her indoor cycling class. UFC 200 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the three championship bouts and two heavyweight collisions at the historic UFC 200, taking place Saturday, July 9 on Pay-Per-View.

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20 Responses

  1. DJItchyBoo says:

    Knowing what we know now it’s pretty embarrassing seeing Jones comparing
    abs and saying to Sanchez “you aint there yet”. Disgrace.

  2. damion hyde says:

    UFC 200 is not trash

  3. gesus44 says:

    Jon Jones cheats everyday!

  4. Ben Jammin says:

    Had a dream last night that Meisha and I made out.

  5. Michael BridgeStales (-Banter-Lord-) says:

    Wish i could train Miesha, or the other way around.

  6. Ste Smith says:

    Jones the steroid cheater! Still best fighter ever but with steroids

  7. The Bosnian says:

    you cunts!!! first cormier pulls out in april.. now jones is out.. for fuck
    sake ufc, for fuck sake!

  8. Dizz21e says:

    Spoiler Alert: Jones out of UFC 200

  9. Raja Amir says:

    Oh man Jones spoils it with just two days to go!

  10. Marco Vaz says:

    please can we ban Joe jones for ever? you ruin the card you piece of white

  11. Mattesin Tulisi says:

    And the jones got pulled zzzz

  12. Gusten Lillgust says:


  13. Daniel Zgrabljic says:


  14. Music, Gaming and Life says:

    Jon proved D.C right about everything he said about Jon. #EntitledBum

  15. Jimmy Page says:

    I genuinely feel bad for DC he deserves a chance for redemption. Oh and Jon
    Jones, fuck you.

  16. Kelly Roberts says:

    ufc nah kfc. mark hunt is a funny motherfucker. punch him in the face,
    punch him the face.

  17. Guy Forget says:

    Is something wrong with me? I get a hard on everytime I see Miesha.

  18. Brandon Anderson says:

    No bones about it

  19. mario p says:

    where is the part where jones takes mexican suppliments?

  20. USNA2008 says:

    6:10 YEAH!!! Epic club spin aerobics motivational speaker clusterfuck!!!