UFC 200: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 200: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 200 post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. orang3kush says:

    lol why is cain speaking in Spanish, his first language is English he was
    born in the United States, it’s just getting silly at this point.

  2. J Fox says:


  3. Elliott Smith and Wesson says:

    Funny how all the Conor fanboys are saying UFC 202 will be better when
    Conor’s gonna get destroyed again LOL

  4. Top 11s/22s channel says:

    If Brock tells you to sit, you do it immediately

  5. Dejan Srdić says:

    Hey Miesha take that champ hoodie off,you’re not the champion anymore!

  6. Giovanni Carlevarino says:

    BROCK LESNAR took over the UFC

  7. tuma dre says:

    McTapper fans are trembling now

  8. ReikokuXCM says:

    you guys that were hating on lesnar and saying hunt was gonna knock him out
    are ridiculous, lesnar wins and you talk shit about how he’s on drugs and
    how he was doing a ground and opund which is pretty sound when it comes to
    ultimate fighting, like calm your tits lesnar won it may not have been on
    knockout but a win is a win so eat shit

  9. David Motiri says:

    I have a feeling Anderson Silva is happy that Aldo and Nunes won regardless
    of his loss. Coz they are all Brazilians I guess.


    Silva is the UFC

  11. Erol Bafto says:

    Silva didn’t just look like a dad that came off the beach with an ice cream
    in his hand, that was exactly what happened. Went and tried to fight
    Cormier on two days notice, and now he’s back on the beach. The fight was
    terrible and the card didn’t live to its hype, but I think we all know who
    we can blame for that.

  12. Press & Crush Channel says:

    The beast

  13. vasyasol says:

    at least Misha got some balls to come to a post fight conf with a brocking
    fucking nose

  14. based jol says:

    It’s a shame Aldo got fucking destroyed by McGregor his last fight. Now
    that we got to see him in action again, god damn he’s an excellent fighter.
    Made Edgar look like an amateur. Hopefully he doesn’t get rekt like that
    again in the rematch against Conor.

  15. Bruno R. says:

    José “The Weasel” Aldo! “I understand english”, Connor was right.

  16. SuperTinkerhell says:

    Nice of the UFC to rent out a $100 squeaky tent to do the post fight
    presser….Guess UFC 200 really did suck donkey balls in ppv numbers and

  17. James Ryan says:

    UFC 200 was shit
    UFC 196
    UFC 194
    UFC 189
    Was way better

  18. Roman Hashon says:

    Brock is simply the best athlete in history.

  19. jake360flip says:

    UFC sort your audio guys out and get a decent set up without shit feedback
    at every event


    Brock seems Mello now