UFC 201: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 201: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 201 post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. Misbahuddin Hunafa says:

    Robbie Lawler thinks he should get an immediate rematch, I think that is
    funny. Carlos Condit didn’t get a rematch even though he clearly beat
    Lawler, and Lawler gets knocked out in the first round and wants a rematch.

  2. AletheAce says:

    Woodley is underestimating Nick Diaz. Hope the fight will happen

  3. Synchronic 7 says:

    Woodley is a scared punk

  4. Rene Paredes says:


  5. Maggard TV says:

    Look at this guy dodging CM Punk, we know you’re scared champ, but you want
    money fight Punk!


    Jose,an jos,wedrum wanted a rematch right after they lost,sore losers. on
    the other hand robbie took it like a man,much respect to him

  7. NaqstarGaming says:

    What happened to Jake ??

  8. Purple Kush says:

    Ellenburger with a patchy af beard lmao

  9. pantheroar says:

    Woodley spitting fire.

  10. dumb dumber says:

    rematch for sure…

  11. Mr Mind says:

    Don’t be scared Woodley.

  12. Tristan Max says:

    T-wood is garbage and he is ducking wonder boy already, what a pussy!

  13. c christmas says:

    You think Robbie is slow now see Robbie in 10 years he is going to be is
    big trouble he has got hit way to many times flush in the head .

  14. RealRickyRoss says:

    Custom2006 predicted the wins for Woodley, Ellenberger and Kowalpolishgirl.
    Check him out at PickMonitor.

  15. RPOhioBorn says:

    Why so much hate on woodley

  16. Joel Brown says:

    Someone’s scared of wonderboy

  17. jfloyo11 says:

    Fukkk Woodley…already dodging fighters

  18. bagel says:

    9:12 campest voice ever

  19. Cj Nasalga says:

    Tyron still has more to prove and by calling out people who haven’t fought
    in years isn’t a good start. He should be looking at Thompson or avenging
    that loss against Rory. The only reason why he’s ducking Thompson in my
    opinion is because he more well rounded than he is and he knows he has the
    tools to take that belt. Great job to TWood tho but your not the Champ
    until you’ve defended it 1st

  20. stankypantz says:

    where’s the other half of elenberger’s moustache